Masters (M.Ed) in Athletic Administration

Requirements for Earning an M.Ed in Athletic Administration

Master’s degree programs in athletic administration build upon the foundation courses students took as part of their bachelor’s degree program. These programs are business-oriented and designed for students who wish to work in the business side of sports.

Classes are specifically tailored toward a career in athletics administration. Students can expect to take advance courses in fields like communication, financial planning, marketing, ethics, and even law, all pertaining to the field of athletics. Some programs prepare students for the NIAAA Certified Athletic Administrator certification exam.

Jobs for M.Ed. in Athletic Administration Graduates

Earning an advanced degree in athletic administration is one of the best ways to qualify for high-level positions within a sports organization. A master’s degree in this field allows students to work with governing sports associations, as a manager or director with a college or team, and more. Specific daily tasks and the salary students can expect to receive while working in athletic administration depends on their specific job title after graduation.

Students can also work in college sports fundraising, as a member of a booster club, or as an equipment or facilities manager. Moving outside of working with a sports team or school, students can also work with a governing association, like the NFL or MLB, allowing them to work with the rules and regulations, financial planning, athletic eligibility, ticketing, and more involved with their sport of choice.

With an M.E.d in athletic administration, students qualify for the following career opportunities:

  • Athletic Administrator or Director
  • Development Director
  • Business Manager for a Sports Team
  • Charitable Organization Manager
  • Investment Manager/Professional for a Sports Team
  • Professional Sports Agent
  • Sports Statistician

Average Salary and Career Data

As an athletic director, students can expect to make $45,000 to $75,000 to start, and more if they work with a top program or have experience. These jobs are extremely exclusive, so working in a lower-level position first is a great way to work up to this position someday.

According to recent reports on, graduates in this field can expect to earn the following salaries, depending on experience level and qualifications:

Online Masters in Athletic Administration Degrees

Online Sports Management Degrees

Ohio University — Ohio University has two online degrees in Sports Management: MS in Athletic Administration and MS in Coaching Education. OHU has over 35,000 current students enrolled with sports and student organizations available and almost 5,000 total employees. OHU is located in Athens, Ohio, just southwest of the capital, Columbus.
Southern New Hampshire University — While an undergraduate degree is required, the MBA and MS of Sports Management from South New Hampshire University can be completed in less than two years, making it a quick way to propel your career forward. Located in Manchester, New Hampshire, the main campus has WiFi, an Olympic pool, and even an art gallery.
St. Leo University — The MBA degree in sports business from St. Leo University will give its students a thorough understanding of teamwork, ethics, communication, and management within a sport and recreation environment. Students often go on to pursue jobs in professional sports, fitness facilities, retailers, franchises, and athletic departments. Curriculum is designed to reflect the current best practices and standards with in the industry.
Ashford University — Your BA in Sports and Recreation Management or Marketing degree can be completed entirely online, and you can transfer up to 90 credits, accelerating the process further. Ashford University was founded almost 100 years ago and its online division includes over 30 degrees at the associate, bachelor, and master level.
Northcentral University — Northcentral University offers online programs for an EdD or PhD in Sports Management which prepares students for high profile and leadership positions. Founded in 1978 in Prescott Valley, Arizona, NCU is now the school of choice for over 10,000 students who are active in school events and organizations.
Liberty University — The focus of Liberty University's MS in Sports Management is how organizational skills and leadership plays a role in sports organizations and athletic programs. The program can be completed in less than two years and up to six credit hours can be transferred. However, you will need an undergrad degree in order to enroll.
Salem International University — For a practical approach to your education with hands-on training and career-oriented curriculum, Salem International University provides an online degree for the BSBA in Sports and Recreation Management program. SIU's 100 acre campus is located in Salem, West Virginia and was originally established as Salem College in 1888, creating a long list of traditions and a rich student experience.
Tiffin University — TIffin University's MBA program in sports management prepares its students for management positions in recreational, collegiate, and professional sports. The main focus of the program is on developing skills in communication, leadership, IT, and problem solving.
Capella University — Students enrolled in Capella University's online MS in psychology with a specialization in sport psychology – offered through the Harold Abel School of Social and Behavioral Sciences – learn how psychological principles affect amateur and professional athletes, as well as team motivation, stress management and injury recovery.

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