7 Excellent Twitter Tools for Sports Fans

As twitter has emerged as one of the most powerful micro-blogging, social media sites, it is becoming more and more prevalent to “follow” accounts based on your preferences. For example, you can follow various Twitter accounts for news, entertainment, technology information, and more. This is no different for sports fans, who want up-to-the-minute updates on their favorite games and players. Twitter is a great way to get connected. These helpful Twitter tools allow you to search and find accounts based on your favorite teams and sports, as well as interact and get involved with the flow of information. With the help of these tools, you won’t miss a beat.

  1. My Team Tweet This Twitter tool allows you to follow your favorite teams, players, and even other fans. If you tweet with the hashtago of your club, your tweet will show up on the My Team Tweet homepage. You can go to their site and click on your team’s jersey to see their page as well.

  2. wefollow Football This site allows you to search for all of your favorite football teams, players, networks, and news stations to pick which Twitter accounts to follow in order to stay up-to-date on the latest scores, news, and information. They also show how these various Twitter accounts are ranked, which are the most influential, and how many followers each one has.

  3. Tennis Tweets This application provides an innovative and exciting way to get connected and follow your favorite tennis stars on Twitter. What you need to do is sign in with your Twitter account, and then you will get automatically connected to Tennis Tweets to read and exchange Tweets about tennis and see what your favorite players are talking about.

  4. NCAA March Madness This is the official Twitter account for the NCAA March Madness for men’s basketball. You can follow this account to get all of the latest news, updates, and conversations about all things March Madness. You can also find images of games, scores, and find other twitter accounts related to men’s basketball to follow.

  5. wefollow Betting For those who love sports betting, this site lets you search for sports betting Twitter accounts to follow. You can easily see how many followers they have, see how they’re ranked based on how influential they are, and check out each account to see which provides the information you are looking for.

  6. Sport Tweets This Twitter account is an excellent one to follow for those who are interested in watching sports and reading the latest updates and information. This site covers all sports, but especially tennis. Read great articles about various sporting events, players, and more.

  7. Think Climbing Think Climbing is an excellent resource and directory for climbers as well as those interesting in finding out more information about climbing. This site allows you to meet and interact with other climbers, search by location, and find similar accounts to follow.

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