Top 50 Blogs for Sports Agents & Sports Managers

Sports agents and sports managers need to be well-connected and up-to-date in order to do the best job possible. However, with so much going on, it can be difficult to keep up. The good news is that, whether you want to learn about being a better agent or manager, understand the laws and restrictions that apply, or if you just want to keep up with the latest trade rumors, there are blogs to help you. Indeed, technology has made it possible for bloggers to get the news out about the latest happenings in the world of sports. Here are 50 blogs to follow if you are looking for the inside scoop on sports related issues.

Sports Agent Blogs

GYI0050841226.jpgIf you want to see what else is happening, and learn from some great sports agents, here are some blogs to follow:

  1. Sports Agent Blog: This blog is aimed at sports agents and aspiring sports agents, sharing news on the industry and looking at different agencies.
  2. Yard Barker: The tag is “Everyone’s an Insider.” This blog is meant for sports agents, providing news and information, and even offering athlete blogs posts.
  3. Juiced Sports: Get a look at what is happening in the world of sports, see athlete interviews and learn more about sports agents.
  4. Boras Blog: Scot Boras provides contract negotiations for athletes and can offer a great deal of insight into how the system works.
  5. Women Talk Sports: A look at sports and what’s going on in sports from a female perspective.
  6. SportsPro Media: Get the latest deals and see interviews with sports agents from around the world.
  7. Sports Agent Blog: This blog looks at the deals ready to happen, as well as previewing and recapping drafts.

Sports Management Blogs

Sports managers and aspirants can get a little insight into the industry and what is happening in sports — stuff they need to know — with the help of these blogs.

  1. Rosenhaus Sports Management: Drew Rosenhaus is one of the best sports managers around. Get the skinny on this negotiating master.
  2. Mr. Rollins Sports Marketing and Management Blog: Get an idea of how you can become a better manager — and sports marketer — with a little help from this blog.
  3. Xclusive: This is the blog of Xclusive Sports Management, and offers a number of news and deals.
  4. Athletic Women Blog: This blog provides insight into women’s sports, and even has posts on management, and breaking into sports management.
  5. DTR Sports Management: A look sports managing from an Australian perspective.
  6. Sports: dGi Management provides insight into sports management issues and news.
  7. The Business of Sport Management: A comprehensive look at sports management and how to thrive in the business.

Sports Law Blogs

There are a lot of legal issues involved with sports. Contracts represent lots of money for all sides, and understanding a little bit more about sports law and how it works can be important.

  1. Sports Law Blog: Get the latest news with regard to sporting legal issues, and commentary on decisions and judgments.
  2. Golka’s Athlete Agent Regulations: Learn about the regulation of sports agents and understand the law a little better.
  3. Sports Agent and Sports Lawyer Blog: This blog offers helpful information on getting into the law side of being a good sports agent — or a good lawyer specializing in sports.
  4. The Sports Law Professor: Learn about the intersection of law and sports.
  5. World Sports Law Reports Blog: Get a global view of the laws and regulations that govern sports in countries around the world.
  6. The Entertainment, Arts and Sports Law Blog: Mixed in with other forms of entertainment, you can get some good information on sports laws.
  7. Legal Aspects of Sports Blog: Information on legal issues in sports, and news related to legal issues.
  8. Connecticut Sports Law: While some issues are related to Connecticut sports law, there are also helpful insights that any sports lawyer can use.
  9. The Sports Law Canary: Information and opinion about the latest sports regulations and laws.
  10. Arias Sports Law: Sports law bulletins from around the world.
  11. Sports is made for betting: This blog about sports betting explores news, information and more with regard to areas where sports betting is legal.

Sports Rumors and News

Sports agents and sports managers often live or die by how quickly they get the news, or how they respond to rumors. Keep up with the latest sports news and rumors.

  1. Projo Sports Blog: The Providence Journal has a great sports blog with the latest news and information from the sports world.
  2. EveryJoe: This blog portal offers helpful information on basketball, baseball, football, golf and more. Sports news galore.
  3. Deadspin: This news blog offers sports news and commentary.
  4. BallHype: This is site that lets you find the best sports blog posts from around the web. News and information on a variety of sports.
  5. Hoopinion: Get basketball insight and commentary.
  6. Five Tool Tool: Sports blog with commentary and news.
  7. Stet Sports Blog: News and commentary from the wide world of sports.
  8. Sports rumors blog: Get the latest on sports rumors and possible deals.
  9. Action Sports News, Rumors, Blogs: ESPN offers the latest happenings in action sports.
  10. The Big Lead: Information on deals that might be made in sports.
  11. Melt Your Face Off: This blog focuses mainly on hockey, and providing you with the latest sports new and rumors.
  12. The Sport Blog: A more global view of sports, from the Guardian in Britain.
  13. The Sports Hernia Blog: News, information and commentary on what’s going on in sports.
  14. Term Sports: Images, videos and breaking news from the world of sports.
  15. Daily Sport Thought: Quotes, thoughts and news from different sports figures and deal makers.

Scouting Blogs

If you want to know something about an athlete, whether in high school, college or the pros, you want some specs. Scouting blogs help you learn a little bit more about who you might want to represent.

  1. Features posts, recruiting information and reports on different players and teams.
  2. Scouting The Sports: Looks at what is happening in the world of sports, and reports on different teams and players.
  3. The Fantasy Sports Scout: Blog Talk Radio features this podcast blog that focuses on scouting for the fantasy sports season.
  4. The Scout Leader: Recruitment information and scouting reports, especially related to the Gators.
  5. Stiletto Sports: Another blog written from a female perspective. This includes information on recruitment and drafts as well as other sports news.
  6. The College Baseball Blog: Keep up on what’s happening with college baseball players and look for prospects.
  7. NCAA Basketball FanHouse: Be up to date on the hottest college basketball players.
  8. College Football: College football news and reports on young and promising players.
  9. Looks at different sports and offers articles on promising young athletes.
  10. College Sports: Great blog from the Dallas News to keep you apprised of scouting opportunities and what’s happening at the college level.

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