Top 6 iPhone Apps for Sports Fanatics

For sports fanatics everywhere, the iPhone is making it possible to bring the game right to your fingertips. From checking scores to listening and watching live to even updating your fantasy teams, there is an iPhone app for everything. You no longer have to worry if you’re not in front of a TV to watch the game; now you can have live updates, scores, and more right at your fingertips. These six apps will turn your iPhone into your very own mobile sports center.

  1. ESPN ScoreCenter This app offers news, updates, score, and more for hundreds of leagues all over the world, and it’s free to download on your iPhone.

  2. ESPN Radio This app is $2.99 to download, but it connects you straight to the game and allows you to listen to your favorite stations, podcasts, and live ESPN shows.

  3. Team Stream This is another free app. It sends you real-time updates, news, and scores right to your phone, so you can stay current with all of your favorite teams.

  4. iScores This app is $4.99 to download. It offers scores for seven different sports, and you can choose if you want updates every 30 seconds, every minute, or every five minutes. You can even go in and bookmark your favorite teams that you want to follow.

  5. Yahoo! Fantasy Football ’11 This free app sends you real time updates, stats, matchups, player news, and more. This app is perfect for fantasy football lovers who want to manage their team and keep up with game standings on the go.

  6. 12 Strikes Not every app has to be geared toward catching live action from your favorite games. Some can be interactive as well. This app is on the more expensive side at $19.99, but it lets you score your bowling games, keep stats on how you’re doing, and helps you to improve your game.

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