27 Essential Twitter Apps for Sports Fanatics

Twitter is quickly becoming one of the most popular places for people to find news and information, and these apps make it possible to manage information using Twitter, without the need for visiting several different sites. One of the great things about this social media site is that you can pick and choose who to “follow” based on your interests, news preferences, and hobbies. It is also very easy to organize and personalize your experience and information.

If you are in sports management or have a passion and interest for the game, sports apps can be a great way for you to keep up with the latest news and information in the field. If you are a true sports fanatic, even if it isn’t your job, sports Twitter apps can help you keep your appetite for all things sports sated. Here are 27 great Twitter apps for true sports fans:

General Sports Scores, Updates, and News

Keep up with what is making headlines in the world of sports, and find the scores for your favorite teams.

  1. PlayStub: Add your own commentary to sporting events, and read others’ commentary. A fun way to use Twitter to share your views — and find new views — on sports.
  2. Tweetletes: Follow teams, athletes and news with the help of Tweetletes. You can also follow the latest news in the world of sports with the help of journalists.
  3. SportyTweets: Covering all major sports, you can get the latest headlines, team information, scores and more from this great all-purpose app.
  4. Twackle: A cool Twitter aggregator that helps you organize news and team information. A great tool for the sports fanatic who wants to stay up on everything.
  5. Sports Live!: This app integrates with Twitter so that you can follow different sports news and information. Keep up with real time scores, and comment on the team. Live ticker and more.
  6. Championist: Follow only the winners on Twitter. Cool Twitter app that lets you keep up with who is winning. Also includes awesome sports journalists.
  7. AthleteTweet: Choose which professional athletes to follow. You can get photos, the latest news on athletes in a variety of sports, and more interesting information. A great way to keep up with your favorite professional athletes.
  8. iTwitSports: Send your own updates and information to Twitter. You can also send pictures. You can become the news reporter and updater with the help of this neat app.
  9. Redux: An interesting look at the way things work in the sports world. Looks at sports marketing news, sponsorship news and more.
  10. BettingTwits: You don’t have to be a sports bettor to enjoy this app. It is a fun one that allows you to keep track of sports news. Make your own bets, and tweet about who you think will win. A fun way to keep up with the world of sports.
  11. Snaptu: Use this to organize different sports tweets and information. An all-purpose app that can be used for more than just sports. A great way to keep everything organized.


Use these Twitter apps to keep up with what is happening in your favorite tournament. Find out what others are saying, and join the Twitter conversation.

  1. TweetBeat: Kosmix offers this great Twitter app brings you the latest on what is happening with the World Cup. Be a part of the largest sporting event in the world!
  2. World Cup Replay: Cool app that lets you keep track of how Twitter is reacting to the World Cup, and lets you get a recap of the day’s action. A cool app for anyone interested in the intersection of the world cup and Twitter.
  3. World Cup Twitter Buzz: CNN keeps you updated on what’s happening on Twitter as the World Cup unfolds. An interesting app that lets you follow teams, keep track of scores and generally get swept away with World Cup fever.
  4. TweetBracket: Keep track of the NCAA tournament in a fun way. You can choose your teams to win from the random match-up, and your choices are tweeted. You are entered for prizes, and you can see how you do throughout the tournament.
  5. March Tweetness: Another NCAA tournament Twitter app, this one allows you to find interesting conversations in real time, and follow different games and teams.
  6. PokerRoad Nation: Use this app to follow the World Series of Poker. An awesome app for the poker enthusiast. Follow professional poker players as they work toward winning the ultimate pot. A great, fun app.

Specific Sports

Twitter apps designed for specific sports can provide you with the in-depth access you want, right from Twitter.

  1. Runscord: Have Major League Baseball scores sent to your Twitter account automatically. Real time scores for the teams you’re interested in.
  2. MyTeamTweet: This Twitter app is designed for those who are into European football (soccer). If you are interested in keep track of what is happening in the world of European soccer, this is the app for you.
  3. Twantasy Football: You want to use Twitter to keep up with your fantasy football moves? Share your insights, and find out how others are doing in fantasy football with this app.
  4. TennisTweets: Keep up with what is happening in the world of tennis. Follow tennis stars, and vote your favorite posts.
  5. ThinkClimbing: A great Twitter app for climbers. Find and follow other climbers, and read real time tweets about climbing.
  6. Twootball: American football information. NFL related news, team information and athletes. Keep up with your favorite happenings in the world of football.
  7. ProFootbalTweeting: Follow football news by following those who are tweeting in the NLF. Great information on what’s happening in football from the insiders.
  8. DailyMile: If you are a runner, this is a great app that can help you interact with other runners. Keep track of your route, and read about others. Get running news as well.
  9. Map My Tracks: Train smarter and improve your sporting performance. If you are wild about playing sports — and not just sitting on the sidelines, this is a great app. Real time GPS tracking for sport enthusiasts and those who organize sporting events.
  10. CricTwits: That’s right. There is a Twitter app for cricket. Connect with other cricket fans, and share your thoughts. Get energized for the next game and follow your team.

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