50 Unbelievable Sports Clips on YouTube Worth Watching

Sports professionals, fans, enthusiastic, and fanatics alike – one thing is certain; watching some of the greatest and most memorable plays of all time never gets old. If you have a little extra time on your hands, you might want to watch some sports bloopers, amazing extreme sports, and some of the best football tackles ever made. No need to spend time searching, though, as we’ve already compiled a list of 50 unbelievable sports clips from YouTube by category. Just don’t try any of these tricks at home.

Extreme Sports

  1. Extreme SportsAdrenaline Hunters Movie Trailer: Trailer for the award-winning action sports film by Victor Muh called Adrenaline Hunters.
  2. Best Extreme Sports Video Ever: These are highlights from on of the biggest Extreme sport competitions in the world, Outdoor Games 2007.
  3. Dan Osman — Speed Climbing: Like a spider, or a monkey, or just the most extreme rock climber ever.
  4. Extreme Base Jumping in Wingsuits: Some hardcore guys base jumping in wingsuits.
  5. Extreme Skiing 60′ cliff drop: Amateur dude in Winter Park, Colorado does a double back flip and rotates a 1440, but not without a few extra tricks and spills.
  6. Snowboard Free ride followed by an avalanche: Taking down a steep mountain, shaking down some snow along the way.
  7. Snowboarder triggers …and survives! Even better…New Zealand skateboarder actually rides the avalanche. Nuts.
  8. Story of the Double Cork: A series of snowboard videos that provides AMP energy. Start with the introduction to learn more about the crew.
  9. The Best of Extreme Sports: Surfing, human gliding, train surfing and more. Your palms will sweat.
  10. The Coolest Extreme Skiing Dudes: Deep powder, amazing jumps and more in this video.
  11. Top 20 KickAss Extreme Sports I’d Like to See on YouTube Live – Adrenaline Rush: Trend Hunter TV provides images of fireball soccer, rocket packs, flipping wheelchairs, power risers, skydiving from space, ostrich racing and pillow fighting (pillow fighting?).

American Football

  1. Football5 Hardest Football Tackles: Some of the hardest hits in the NFL.
  2. American football — Amazing: An American football classic for your enjoyment, with a focus on a young John Elway in a game between Sanford and California in 1982. A touchdown is made at the last minute, and…
  3. American football big hits and nasty injuries: Can a leg really bend like that without breaking? Some hits in the NFL and college games.
  4. DeAndre Brown – Southern Miss – breaks leg during bowl game: Possibly one of the most excruciating leg injuries to watch.
  5. American Football Hardest Tackles in History: You’ll wonder how they survived after you watch this video.
  6. Best of Football Highlights: Catch some amazing plays in this video.
  7. Football Greatest Injuries — Joe Theismann: Theismann’s career ended on November 18, 1985 when he suffered a gruesome compound fracture of his leg while being sacked by New York Giants linebackers Lawrence Taylor and Harry Carson during a Monday Night Football game telecast. Watch it happen here.
  8. NFL Football Highlights: The best in recent history from the NFL.
  9. NFL Highlights 2009/2010: Last season’s best highlights and hits.


  1. BaseballBaseball….the greatest moments: The best moments in baseball for the past several decades.
  2. Baseball’s Best Moments: Catch it all from Mazeroski to Buckner to the Sox breaking the curse in this video.
  3. Crazy runner on a baseball game: A man wearing a straitjacket runs on the field in the middle of a game between the LA Dodgers and Arizona Diamondbacks.
  4. Josh Womack’s crazy bat skills at Long Beach Armada 2009 Training Camp: AAA outfielder Josh Womack demonstrates his bat tricks at training camp.
  5. The Greatest pitch ever thrown: An amazing pitch in front of…empty stands.


  1. Basketball2009 NBA Bloopers: Some clips of the greatest bloopers of the 2008-2009 NBA season.
  2. Basketball Prodigy: This little basketball beast is 11-years-old and is in fifth grade.
  3. Dude Perfect (Amazing Basketball Shots): As seen on Good Mornign America, six college roommates hit awesome basketball trick shots around town.
  4. NBA Best Shots: Get ready to watch some of the most amazing shots ever in the NBA.
  5. The Best NBA Fights Ever: Crazy times on the basketball court.


  1. Association footballAFL Highlights 2009: Highlights from the 2009 AFL Season.
  2. Best soccer football compilation ever: A focus on the best goals in this video.
  3. The best of soccer: Watch amazing footage of some the of best plays in this sport.
  4. Top 10 football fights and fouls: Even the referees get in on it in one incident.
  5. David Busst Horrific Injury: Did you know a leg could fold like that?


  1. Tiger WoodsBEST GOLF BLOOPERS Special Funniest Home Videos # 261: Need we say more? Some great shorts.
  2. Best Golf Shot Ever: Tiger Wood at the 2005 Masters, a shot heard ’round the world.
  3. ESPN Top 10 All Time Golf Shots: This is one video in a series, showing some of the greatest shots of all time from the PGA and World Cup.
  4. Tiger Woods *Wow* best golf shots on the PGA tour! Compiled during the 2004 PGA Tour, this is the best of Tiger Woods before his 2004 slump.
  5. Toughest Golf Trick Shot Ever by Ben Witter: Ben Witter hits a golf ball out of mid air while standing on a 75 cm Swiss Ball.


  1. HockeyBest hockey fights: Watch them wrestled in the nets as well as on the ice in this video.
  2. Great Hockey saves: Watch goalies save their teams in this amazing video.
  3. Great hockey plays, big hits and nice goals! Some intricate moves and skillful plays in this video.
  4. Hockey’s Greatest Moments: This six-minute video has an amazing amount of great hockey coverage at its best.
  5. Clint Malarchuk gets throat slit by skate: Possibly the worst personal injury on ice. He lives to talk about it.

Sports Bloopers

  1. SlapstickFunny Bloopers: A soccer ball goes into the crowd and a horse racer fall off his horse.
  2. Funny Sports Bloopers: Watch tennis players fall over nets and ping pong players fall for no reason.
  3. Funniest Sports Bloopers Ever! Watch a monster truck roll over and a skateboarder fall off a roof.
  4. Sports Bloopers: This compilation of sports bloopers include more people falling and some amazing crowd participation in various sports.
  5. What could possibly go wrong? One of the best blooper videos, this clip include motocross, wrestling, kids and more.

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