The Ultimate Fan’s Guide to World Cup 2010 on the Web

The 2010 FIFA World Cup soccer event in South Africa represents a colossal effort in sports management. If you’re interested in a sport management career, or if you’re just an avid (read: obsessed) soccer fan, you’ll want to know more about stadiums, ticket sales, fan reactions, and more. That’s why we’ve compiled this list of 50 websites, wikis, iPhone apps, video,s and more that can answer your questions about the who, what, when, where, how, and why for this year’s ultimate soccer competition.

FIFA Official SiteWebsites

  1. 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa: Get your fill of news, match information, groups, teams, ticketing and more at this FIFA site.
  2. FIFA 2010 World Cup South Africa: Get your fill of the teams, tickets, schedule, stadiums, hotels, qualifying and more (including videos).
  3. FIFA News Centre: Catch up on news, interviews, media releases, widgets, photos and videos from the official FIFA news center.
  4. I Scored a Goal: This ESPN Soccernet Site offers a history of all the players who ever scored goals in the FIFA World Cup Finals.
  5. Project 2010: This site is a free service geared for companies, organizations and individuals who have a vested in the 2010 World Cup and the impact it will have on business in South Africa. Expect around-the-clock coverage of preparations and the event.
  6. Tap into the this site for South Africa to learn more about the World Cup at the source.
  7. TravelersPoint World Cup 2010: Learn about the host cities, participating teams and travel ideas from this top-notch travel site.
  8. US Soccer: Follow the US news, teams, tournaments, schedules and more at this site.
  9. World Cup 2010: The Official ESPN site on the 2010 Word Cup games.
  10. World Cup 2010 South Africa: Stay on top of ticket news, hospitality choices and more at this Web site.
  11. World Cup Fans: This site, located at iAfrica, provides readers with tourist information, host cities and news.


  1. 2010 FIFA World Cup: This Wikipedia page can provide you with updated news, links and the story behind this year’s world cup.
  2. 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa: This Wikipedia page focuses on the video game that debuted on 26 January 2010.
  3. FIFA World Cup South Africa 2010 Wiki: Join this wiki to take in the World Cup from South Africa. Contains links to sister sites in Spanish and Portuguese.
  4. Final draw sets groups for FIFA World Cup 2010: An article from Wikinews that includes all the teams, sources and links to more information.
  5. FootballFanCast Fans Wiki: News from fans on their favorite teams, the best seats, how to get to the match and more.
  6. MICDS World Cup 2010 Geography Site: Join this Wiki to get in on the discussion, to learn about the history, and to meet other soccer fans.
  7. Wapedia 2010 FIFA World Cup: This page holds links to everything you’d want to know about the 2010 FIFA World Cup.
  8. Wikimedia Commons FIFA World Cup 2010: Get a gander at images, links and information for this year’s World Cup.
  9. Wikio World Cup 2010: Learn about the stadiums, the host cities and watch a slew of videos at this wiki.
  10. WikiProject South Africa/Soccer 2010 Map: Learn about and participate in the South Africa 2010 Soccer Map.
  11. Wikitravel World Cup 2010: Read and participate in this wiki about travel, accommodations and more for the 2010 World Cup.

FreeKickVideo Games

  1. 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa: This is the FIFA-branded official game, where you can play with any one of the 199 teams out of 244 nations that entered the competititon.
  2. FIFA 10: EA Sports’ FIFA 10 provides players with new levels of control to experience the game like never before.
  3. FIFA Manager 10: Experience the thrill of masterminding a world-beating football team.
  4. PES 2010: Pro Evolution Soccer 2010 offers a great game, but rarely has the licenses to name team and players.
  5. Pure Football: This Xbox game offers a group of elite players who risk everything to participate in the game. Rules are decided by players, not by referee.
  6. Super Web Soccer: You can solo your way around the entire pitch in this free game, if you choose.
  7. World Cup 2010 Free Kick Challenge: This free game allows you to try and win a game when you reach a specified target.
  8. World Cup Combo 2010: Another free game that allows players to interact when their team has a chance to attack.

ESPN iPhone AppiPhone Apps

  1. 2010 World Cup Schedule: Free match schedule for the 2010 South Africa World Cup. All fixtures and results, match calendar, team and venue schedules and profiles.
  2. 3D Penalty Football World Cup: With smooth controls and great graphics, this is a top-rated iPhone app.
  3. Africa 2010 World Cup Calendar 1.2: This freeware app allows you to organize so you can free up time to watch the matches (in Portuguese).
  4. ESPN 2010 FIFA World Cup: For the first time ever, the Cup will be lifted in Africa and ESPN will be there to bring you exclusive coverage of this historic event free to your iPhone or iPod touch.
  5. Soccer Head 2 Head: Game play is similar to air hockey. Kick your friends butt with off the wall bank shots and flick shots for greater speed.
  6. Soccer Match: Concentration game for English Soccer lovers. Match the soccer logos as quickly as you can.
  7. World Cup Fixtures 1.0: Get this freeware app to get fixtures for the 2010 World Cup.
  8. World Soccer Daily Widget: Join Steven Cohen, Howard Rogers and on occasion Nick Geber Monday through Friday 10AM to 12PM PST on the freeware Sirius Satellite Radio show World Soccer Daily.

Ukraine vs GreeceVideos

  1. 2010 FIFA World Cup: South Africa “New Skills” Tutorial: Learn how to do all the new skills in the 2010 FIFA World Cup game.
  2. FIFA 2010 World Cup – Official Trailer [HD]: A trailer for the official game, release date 27 April 2010.
  3. Footytube WC Qualifying Europe: The latest videos and podcasts for European teams. Use this link as a jump start to browse this entire soccer video site.
  4. k’Naan Official FIFA World Cup 2010 Theme Song – Waving Flag: K’Naan’s song was chosen of AKON’s song.
  5. Playlists: A list of World Cup teams participating in this competition.
  6. World cup 2010 theme song: The 2010 World Cup Theme Song performed by Rezza Brothers.

FIFA World Cup 2010Twitter

  1. @FIFA_news: News from the official FIFA Web site out of Switzerland, with more than 14,000 followers.
  2. @FIFAWorldCupTM: With multiple locations, this Twitter account represents an unofficial FIFA soccer world cup resource with over 44,000 followers.
  3. @MLS_Insider: Tweeting for and about Major League Soccer from inside MLSHQ in New York City and beyond with over 28,000 followers.
  4. @ussoccer: This is the the governing body of soccer in all its forms in the United States, with over 72,000 followers.
  5. @WCUP2010: Over 27,000 fans follow this South African soccer source on Twitter.
  6. @WorldCup2010FC: Bringing updates from Orlando for soccer fans, with over 10,000 followers.

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