Top 50 Sports Business Blogs

Learn how to run a sports fantasy business, gain a footing in network marketing, and spruce up your sponsorship skills through the top 50 sports business blogs listed below. The majority of these blogs have been around for many years, and all of them are updated on a regular basis. No matter if you want to break into the sports business, or if you already are knee-deep in sports economics and public relations, you may find some bits of wisdom from newbies, peers, and elders in the sports business.

The blogs below are categorized and listed alphabetically within each category.

Sports Marketing Blogs

  1. Mr. Rollins Sports Marketing and Management Blog: Keep your eye on this blog to learn about what sports marketing students are thinking. Run by Scott Rollins, a high school business and computer teacher and coach.
  2. PR in Sports: This is a new blog dedicated to looking at all aspects of sports, from players, coaches, owners, teams and the media, in a public relations/marketing perspective.
  3. Take a Peck: Follow Jason Peck to learn more about sports and its connection to social media and marketing.
  4. Sports Marketing 2.0: Join this Ning site and contribute with your own blog about sports and marketing. This is an active group with great networking.
  5. Sports Marketing & PR Roundup: Joe has over 22 years of strategic communications/marketing, business development and public relations expertise in sports, entertainment, brand building, media training, television, athletic administration and business.
  6. Sports, Media & Society: This blog, provided by the John Curley Center for Sports Journalism at Penn State, looks closely at the interaction of sports coverage and U.S. culture.
  7. Sports PR Blog: A look at the sports industry from a public relations perspective.
  8. The Sports Info Business: Charles Harris is marketing and communications professional with 20-plus years of experience in the areas of sports management, business, technology, entertainment, and the non-profit world.
  9. Zs Newsbits: “Where the world of sports business and new media intersect.” This blog is bent toward sports fans, but sports personnel can pick up a tip or two hundred from this blog.

Sports Management Blogs

  1. Sports Fantasy Business: If you want to learn about this business, then you want to read Brandon Funston’s blog. He’s the manager of Yahoo! Sports Fantasy’s editorial group.
  2. Sports Agent Blog: Geared specifically to the sports agent, this blog also contains lists of agencies, interviews with agents and more.
  3. Sports Networker: This site reaches a network of roughly 20,000 sports executives and professional athletes, and covers topics including social media, marketing, public relations, sponsorships and more — all related to sports.
  4. Sports Management Blog: This blog focuses on European sports management and on global sports management technologies.
  5. The Business of Sports: The posts in this blog cover a wide range of topics, including ticket sales, marketing, social media, corporate sponsorships, fan loyalty, brand management, sports media, finance and more.
  6. The Sports Business Exchange: This journal is an opportunity for professionals who are just starting their careers to express their insights on the sports business industry. All sports topics are covered.
  7. Tucker Center for Research on Girls and Women in Sport: If you coach or manage a female athlete or a team filled with women, this blog offers cutting-edge information about women in sports.

Sports Economic Blogs

  1. International Journal of Sport Finance: IJSF is published quarterly and serves as a high-level forum for the dissemination of current research on sport finance topics on a worldwide basis. The blog is updated almost daily.
  2. Perfectly Competitive: Various takes on all types of sports trades, trade-offs, purchases and sales from an economist’s perspective.
  3. Sabernomics: J. C. Bradbury offers economic thinking about baseball.
  4. Sports BIZ: CNBC’s Darren Rovell provides his take on the business of sports: a multi-billion dollar global industry and obsession full of personalities and products.
  5. SportsBiz — The Business of Sports Illuminated: Follow this blogger, who ruminates on the economics, law and business of sports.
  6. The Business of Sports: Since September 1999, Sarah Talalay has covered such sports business issues as sponsorship- and naming-rights deals, sports marketing and advertising, shoes, ticket sales, labor issues and the Marlins’ ongoing quest for a new ballpark.
  7. The Business of Sports JSOnline: Although Don Walker is located in the Wisconsin area, his focus on the ever-changing sports business landscape is wide ranging.
  8. The Sports Economist: This blog focuses on economic commentary on sports and society. You might also enjoy the blogrolls in the left column — plenty of them.
  9. Walk Like a Sabermetrician: You may want to visit this site not just for the baseball/sabermetric commentary, but also for the wide variety of links.

Sports Sponsorship Blogs

  1. Athletics Development Frontier: This blog was created out of the need for an easily accessible, unified destination to discuss, learn and gather information surrounding the practices of athletics development — specifically fund raising.
  2. Partnership Activation: This is the blog for the business that connects brands with fans.
  3. Sponsor Crunch: Follow this blog to learn more about branding yourself or your team and how to groom your pitch for sponsorships.
  4. Sponsorship Insights Group Blog: This blog is produced by a sponsorship agency dedicated to being a centralized resource for all things sponsorship.

Sports Law Blogs

  1. Legal Aspects of Sports Blog: Don’t let the vanilla look of this site put you off — this blogger currently teaches, researches, and studies at Indiana University, and is interested in sports law.
  2. National Sports & Entertainment Law Society Blog: NSELS is a low-profit, limited-liability company created by law students that focuses on organizing and centralizing sports and entertainment law societies. This is their blog.
  3. Sports Agent & Sports Lawyer Blog: This blog, written and maintained by Jason B. Wolf, sports agent and lawyer, provides insight from the inside.
  4. Sports Law Blog: This blog stands out as one of the top law and sports blog on the Internet. It is current, relevant and informative.
  5. The Sports Law Canary: Kris and Jon both teach law, and they’ve combined forces to offer ‘nuggets’ of sports law, news and opinion at this blog.
  6. The Sports Law Professor: Jeffrey Standen is a professor of law at Willamette University, where he teaches sports law, among other courses.
  7. World Sports Law Report: Use this blog to stay on top of law developments, court cases and more that are concerned with sports.

Sports Insider Blogs

  1. 27 Pitches: This blogger is a sports fanatic who likes to call attention to stories that fly under the mainstream media’s radar.
  2. A Sports Scribe: This freelance sports reporter offers a first-hand look at some major stories as well as smaller stories that may prove to provide a big impact.
  3. Pitch Invasion: Pitch Invasion is a blog exploring soccer (or football, if you prefer) culture around the world from outside the mainstream media.
  4. Sports Business Radio: Guests on the show offering an insider’s perspective include pro sports league executives, agents, college athletics administrators, sports apparel company reps, ad agency executives, media executives and athletes.
  5. Sports Media Journal: Look to this blog to find out more about the people and organizations that manage and report sports news.
  6. Sports Media Watch: Keep an eye on sports in the media through this blog, which covers the NBA, NFL, MLB, NHL, college football and Nascar.
  7. The Big Lead: This is an independent sports blog that offers interviews and more for sports personnel and fans alike.
  8. Ultimate Sports Insider: Michael Cross provides news, observations and commentary about college athletics with a focus on intercollegiate athletics as a business and educational enterprise.

Sports Media Blogs

  1. Awful Announcing: This site focuses mainly on the perils and follies of the Sports Media, but also critiques and reviews those within the Sports World — hopefully, you haven’t been roasted here.
  2. Deadspin: One of the most popular media sites for athletes and fans, offers “sports news without access, favor or discretion.”
  3. Eye on Sports Media: Take a tour of some photo galleries, broadcasts and best practices and read up on any sports topic imaginable.
  4. NY Sports Journalism: This blog stays on top of sports, sports marketing, sports media and more so you can stay informed.
  5. Sports Media America: Martin Brady provides a monthly in-depth look at American sports, the media that cover it and the issues behind gamesmanship.
  6. Stupid Sideline Reporters: We think the title of this blog alone makes it stand out above the rest. Read it to learn more about what sports fanatics think — which can be far removed from what often is reported.

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