5 Career Challenges for Sports Management Professionals

Besides deciding what school you would like to study sports management, you have to make sure that have an end in mind. In other words, you need to know what field you intend to go into and have a good game plan as to how you are going to achieve that goal.

With that in mind, regardless of what avenue you decide to pursue in sports management, there are going to be many challenges ahead before and after you land the dream job in sports that you have always desired.


So you have your degree in hand and you are ready to hit the ground running. Unless you were lucky enough to land a great internship during your summers and have already been offered a job, this is a lot easier said than done.

By a great internship I mean one that had you doing more then just pushing papers around and providing you with the work experience which will give you a competitive edge. It will also allow you to see what area of sports management is right for you.
As with any job, you need to get your foot in the door in order to have the chance to impress potential future employers.

This can be achieved in many ways but none of them are easy and will take a lot of hard work. Here are some ways in which you can get noticed right out of the gate.

  • Having a high GPA and graduating in the top of your class
  • Having a great internship and making a big impression
  • Of you can sell yourself, you can sell your services
  • Having the right connections in the business

As much as I hate to say it, the reality can sometimes be who you know rather then what you know.


Sports management is a large social industry. Regardless what your job may be, the majority of jobs in sports management, whether it be as a team executive, administrator, marketing professional or agent, you will need to feel comfortable talking and communicating to lots of different people on a daily basis.

You will need to be sincere, honest, forthcoming and straightforward with every person you have dealings with and enjoy doing it.

It is not just a text and a fax, but numerous emails, phone calls, and face-to-face meetings.

Networking is extremely important in order to make the right connections and working those connections every day.

Networking is not just getting on Facebook, Tweeter, or LinkedIn, but getting out there, making your face known at conventions, sporting events, award ceremonies, and even accidentally on purpose running into someone where you have a chance to introduce yourself.


If you want to get into Sports Management, regardless of what area you are looking to get into, if a 9:00-5:00 job with weekends off and no travel is what you hope to do, sports management is not going to be for you.

Sports management professionals, whether it is as a team executive, administrator, marketing professional, scout or agent, you are basically working 24-7, seven days a week with lots of time away from home traveling.


Another challenge is resources. If you end up working for a large agency with a big bank account which spends thousands of dollars in order recruit a player without even blinking, then you need to thank your lucky starts and do what ever you have to do to stay employed there.

For a small agency or someone going it on their own who continually need to watch the budget, then this is one of the biggest challenges of all.

When every nickel and dime is accounted for, it is tough to justify such an expense, especially knowing that your clients can fire you at any time for any reason. There are no guarantees in this business.


While the sports industry is huge, the competition is fierce and cut throat to say the least. In taking sports agents for instance, agents are a dime a dozen compared to the amount of athletes available for representation.

There is a minority of players that make the millions of dollars you hear about compared to the amount of agents out hitting the streets every day looking for business.

Because of this, there are some agents out there that are more then willing to bend and break the rules in order to land a big client which definitely hurts the honest ones.

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