5 Sports Management Careers You Probably Don’t Know About

When people think about a career in Sports Management they instantly think of the movie “Jerry McGuire”. Sports Agents seem to take the spotlight in the Sports Management industry, when in actuality, there are many career options to explore.

While being a sports agent can be a rewarding career with a mass amount of perks for sports fans, there are numerous avenues a person can take besides being a Sports Agent that would fall under the “Sports Management” umbrella. 

A Sports Agents main duty to their clients is to negotiate their professional sports contract with the team they will be playing for. This could be right out of high school or college, as a free agent, or right after being traded to a different team.

This is usually the aspect of Sports Management that an agent cares to concentrate on with their clients and while they may offer other services, they are usually delegated to someone else within the agency or outsourced to a third party company that works directly with the agency.

Some of these duties include marketing and endorsements, contract advisor services, tax planning, financial /investment advice, legal services, realty, relocation and media relations.     

There are some agents that handle all of these duties themselves, but typically those agents only have one client or a low minimum number of clients so they have the time to do all these things whereas an agent with 25 or more clients does not.

Therefore, you can have a career in Sports Management and meet and work with professional athletes without having to be certified or pay yearly dues to remain a certified agent.

There are many sports agencies and agents out there that are looking for people to specialize in a particular aspect of the many services that are offered as Sports Management to their clients.

Public Relations

You could hit the streets or the phones to find endorsement opportunities, professional appearances and autograph sessions. Even though most Athletes make a lot of money from their salaries, they are always looking for additional income opportunities, a little fun money so to speak.

Someone that has a knack talking to people, is a good salesperson and realizes and enjoys the leg work could be very successful specializing in athlete marketing and endorsements.

Legal Services

Lawyers or paralegals could offer contract advisor services working directly with a sports agent to ensure that each and every contract has the appropriate wording to make sure the client gets what he is looking for.

Some athletes just cannot stay out of trouble or are looking for legal advise on one thing or another and legal services is an excellent option for lawyers who love sports.

Accounting and Financial Planning

If you are good with numbers and are a certified public accountant, you could always specialize in doing professional athletes tax returns each year. Technically you would only be busy four months out the year with this specialty.

Are you an investment guru? Athletes are always looking for financial /investment advice and the smart ones are continually looking out for the future. They want a diversified portfolio that will have them and their families living comfortably years after retiring from professional sports.


Professional athletes are constantly moving around whether it be as a free agent signing with a different team or being traded and someone who specializes in realty and relocation for athletes is always in high demand.

Media Relations

The last specialization I am going to speak about is media relations.

You may not think that this is very important, but as a sports fan you probably hear it every day. Phrases such as “Coach Speak,” “GM Speak,” or “Player Speak” describing the typical answers they give to the media on a daily basis is extremely important.

A Media Relations Specialist works with Athletes, Coaches and Executives everyday on what to say, their mannerisms, facial expressions, and how they should portray themselves to the media.

As you can see, there are a lot more careers in Sports Management then just being a Sports Agent.

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