Agent Spotlight: Joel Segal

Joel Segal is an NFL sports agent and currently the president of Lagardere Unlimited Football.

His background as a lawyer provides his clients with an invaluable mastery of contract law and negotiations and he has become one of the most powerful sports agents in the world.


Like many sports agents with a law degree, Segal never intended to find his fortune in the sports world. Right out of college he was hired by a large law firm but soon lost interest in the day-to-day grind of a big law office.

Segal quit the law firm and moved back in with his parents.

He had been following the careers of the top sports agents and decided that he was going to give it a whirl.

He printed up some business cards with his parents phone number on them and began cold calling football players. Because he had no clients, a lot of guys hung up on him but he never gave up.

Segal eventually signed his first client in Brad “Mr. Smooth” Baxter, a little-known running back for the New York Jets. After securing his first client it gave him the credibility he needed and other players began to trust him and the doors opened up.


During the offseason Segal:

  • Builds Depth Charts Of All 32 NFL Teams
  • Continually Monitors All The Available Roster Spots
  • Knows Exactly Which Teams Need Talent
  • Finds Future Opportunities For His Clients

During the NFL season Segal:

  • Attends Two To Three Games A Week In Person
  • Checks In With The Athletes
  • Meet Their GMs And Coaches
  • Starts Looking Towards the Next Offseason.

With 32 teams and over 50 players on his client list, there is always another multi-million dollar deal right around the corner.


Segal set the NFL record for having the highest paid players at four different positions.

Segal has received many accolades including:

  • The 14th Most Powerful Sports Agent By Sports Business Journal In 2008
  • The 9th Most Powerful Sports Agent In America By Business Insider Law Review In 2010
  • Inducted Into The George Washington University Sports Executives Hall Of Fame In 2011.

Segal is one of only two NFL agents that have represented multiple first round draft picks each year for the past seven years and has represented 24 first round draft picks since 2001.

His contract strategies have been featured on both national television and in numerous publications as he has negotiated over one billion dollars in player contracts.


Segal represents over 50 clients including:

  • Reggie Bush – RB – Miami Dolphins
  • Marques Colston – WR – New Orleans Saints
  • DeAngelo Hall – DB – Washington Redskins
  • Percy Harvin – WR – Minnesota Vikings
  • Santonio Holmes – WR – New York Jets
  • Mark Ingram – RB – New Orleans Saints
  • Chris Johnson – RB – Tennessee Titans
  • Randy Moss – WR – San Francisco 49ers
  • Michael Vick – QB – Philadelphia Eagles

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