Agent Spotlight: Tom Condon

Named by The Sporting News the “most powerful agent in any sport,” Tom Condon with Creative Artists Agency, is universally regarded as the most powerful agent in the NFL.

Unlike a lot of other NFL agents, Condon actually played in the NFL as a guard for eleven seasons with the Kansas City Chiefs and one season for the New England Patriots.

He began his career in sports management by negotiating better trades for his teammates while he was still a player in the NFL.

Being a guard and protecting quarterbacks rolled over into his career as an agent as he represents some of the NFL’s top quarterbacks.


While he was still playing in the NFL Condon realized that the players needed better agents to represent them in negotiations with their teams.

At the time, a lot of players did not even have an agent and did the negotiating themselves and were probably being taken advantage of by some team owners because of their lack of negotiation skills.

During off-seasons, Condon earned a law degree from the University of Baltimore and was actually started representing some of his teammates while he was still playing in the league.

In 1988, he landed his first player client in Chiefs teammate, defensive end Art Still.

When he retired from playing football, Condon continued his work helping other players when he became president of the NFL Players Association from 1984-1986.


In 1991, Condon became the head football agent at IMG and represented more first-round NFL draft picks than any other agency.

However, Condon had a different philosophy about agents and athletes then IMG did and he eventually became bored.

Condon told IMG that the sports agent of the future needed to have ties with other entertainers because athletes are celebrities and entertainers just like movie stars and rock stars, but IMG had no interest in that.

It was time to move on and in 2006 Condon left IMG.


By joining CAA and merging his practice with up-and-comer Ben Dogra, Condon has created the most dominant athlete representation practice in the NFL.

CAA Football represents over 130 NFL players and since 1998, Condon has personally represented six No. 1 overall draft picks and negotiated contracts totaling $438 million.

Condon negotiated the richest contract in NFL history for Indianapolis Colts quarterback Peyton Manning, a $98 million deal, including a record $34 million signing bonus, and has negotiated 7 contracts with at least $20 Million in guaranteed money.

He personally represents 75 current NFL players and several top NFL draft prospects.


While the majority of Condon’s NFL clients play quarterback, he does not limit himself to that position only and his clients are a who’s who of NFL players.

His list of major clients has some very famous NFL names including:

  • Peyton Manning
  • Eli Manning
  • Drew Brees
  • Matt Ryan
  • Matthew Stafford
  • Alex Smith
  • Tony Romo
  • Adrian Peterson
  • Jake Long

Tom Condon is an undeniable institution in the NFL and is a legend as an agent in the professional sports industry.

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