Finding The Right Online Degree Program

Going to college can take a lot of money and it will really pay off if you do your homework before signing up for an online Sports Management degree program.

The two biggest advantages of an online degree program are that they offer great cost savings and flexible scheduling.

With the current economic environment online degree programs have become very popular, especially with adult learners or people that do not have the time to attend college full time.


While online degree programs have grown tremendously in the last decade from private schools, for-profit schools and state universities, online degree programs are not all created equal.

When looking for the right program, do the leg work and get all of the information possible about each school that has a Sports Management degree program that interests you.

Before making your choice, it is vital to:

  • Do Some Outside Research
  • Get An Information Packet
  • Talk To The Admissions Counselors

In addition, do not let the name of the school influence you into making a decision. Some of the best and most reputable online schools have names that you never heard of, while some shady unaccredited schools can have names that make them almost sound Ivy League or a top state university.

It is very important to check the accreditation of any school offering an online degree program.


The first question most students ask is “what exactly is online training?”

There is not really one clear definition for online training and there are even more names for it:

  • Asynchronous Training
  • Computer Based Training
  • Distance Learning
  • E-learning
  • Online Learning
  • Self-Paced Learning

Online training is a form of instruction that involves learning content focused around a specific topic, such as Sports Management, which is then taught via the internet using a variety of multimedia elements such as:

  • Audio and Video
  • Graphics
  • Interactive Content
  • Presentations and Lectures

This content is uploaded in to a Learning Management System (LMS) which is made available to students who can access courses via a web browser.


As said earlier, online degree programs are each different and it would be a good idea to check out how classes work before signing up for a program.

A lot of students assume that in an online degree program they can make their own schedule, attend online classes at their leisure all from the comfort of home.

There are two most basic terms used for online programs.

  • Asynchronous
    In this type of class, the teacher gives you different assignments and tests that are due at a certain date. As long as the work is completed by the deadline, you can do the work at your leisure. But remember, doing well in an asynchronous course requires excellent discipline.
  • Synchronous
    This is closer to traditional class room learning. Specific times are set for you, your fellow students and your teacher to go online for class. Some synchronous courses are done through “webinars,” where students log in to watch a presentation and listen to the teacher either via the web or telephone.

There are also some schools with online degree programs where it is expected you meet face-to-face with the professor at least once in order to receive credit.

In addition, there may be other requirements besides just attending your online class and you could be expected to participate in:

  • Answer Questions In Forums
  • Online Chat Sessions
  • Participate In Group Discussions


Before you commit to an online degree program make sure that it is right for you.

Be sure to truthfully ask yourself if can handle the responsibility and have the discipline to do the work without an instructor looking over your shoulder or reminding you that an assignment is due tomorrow or that there is an exam on Friday.

There are those students who do much better in a classroom setting with face-to-face interaction with not only the teacher but with other students as well.

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