Halloween Games

Since it is Halloween I thought that I would go off the beaten path today and write about the holiday where everyone can be someone or something they are not.

Of course this being a Sports Management blog, there still has to be some sort of games involved and since I am sure some of you are having or attending parties this week to celebrate the cherished American holiday that I would give you some suggestions on some fun Halloween games.

Now granted these games are for adults and not recommended for trick or treaters especially considering that adult beverages add to the entertainment.

Of course being the responsible adults that you are, you will make sure that anyone who has too much to drink will not be allowed to drive.

A good way to ensure this is to have the rule that you have to give up your car keys to get in to the party and make sure that you have two designated drivers available. One to drive the partier and his vehicle home and one for the return trip in another vehicle.


This is a Halloween twist on a classic name game. Write down characters from famous horror movies on note cards and tape one on each person’s back as they arrive at the party.

The objective of the game is to have everyone ask questions and get hints in order to figure out what character they have tapped to their back.

Once everyone guesses their character the game is over.


While this is a classic kid’s game, it is much more entertaining for adults especially if there are adult beverages involved.

People pair up into teams and each gets a roll of toilet paper. While one person of the team spins around the other wraps them in toilet paper. The team that finishes first wins.

With adult beverages being consumed and all that spinning going on, it will be highly entertaining for those people both playing and those who are just watching the action.


Another game that requires adult beverages for full effect, this is a great scary Halloween party game for adults.

The idea is to play a horror movie and every time a character screams, everyone does a shot.

You can also use your imagination too such as if a certain word is spoken, everyone has to cheer or if a phone rings everyone has to spin around and yell “phone.”

The possibilities are endless and can provide hours of fun and laughs if you are creative.


People love playing trivia and this version just adds to the fun.

If a person answers a trivia question wrong they have to drink a shot.

Of course you can make it more interesting by using Halloween trivia questions or horror movie trivia or of course, since this is a sports management website, you could always use sports trivia.


While this game does not require a person to drink, this is a fun Halloween party game for adults that requires some memory on their part and as the night wears on and people have been partaking in adult beverages it might not be so easy.

As your guests arrive at the party let them know that there are certain words that they can not say and if they do say them they will have to do something embarrassing such as sing a song in front of everyone or stand in the corner for five minutes.

Common words are the most fun because those are the hardest not to say in general conversation.

If you use your imagination, you could surely come up with some embarrassing and funny situations to put people in if they say the words.


This is a game that will see which of your guests are the bravest.

Ask for 12 volunteers to play the game and only tell them the title of the game and what kind of prize they have a chance to win. A gift certificate to a local restaurant works great.

Once the volunteers are all lined up write their name on a piece of paper, put them in a hat and hand each of them each an egg and tell them that all of them but one is hard boiled.

Draw a name from the hat and one by one they must each crack the egg over their head. The winner will be the one who cracks the raw egg over his head.

Now comes the funny part. In actuality ALL of the eggs are hard boiled so the last person to have their name drawn from the hat will assume they have the raw egg and in order to win, they must crack the egg over their head.

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