Sports Management and the Holidays

With the holidays just around the corner, I thought I would write about Sports Management and the Holidays.

Granted, if you have graduated with your degree in Sports Management and are already working in the wonderful world of sports in one way or another, you probably have already realized that you will be working during the holidays.

After all, the sports world never takes a holiday until the season is over and during this time of the year sports are thriving.


The College Football Bowl games have all been decided and while only two teams will be playing for the National Championship, there are more overall bowl games then any one person could possibly watch, but are still very important to the individual schools and the pride of the players, students and fans.

College Basketball is also in full swing with numerous games scheduled during the holidays.

Pro Football is winding down and the playoff picture is coming into focus and there will be some very important games as the season winds down on the way to the Super Bowl.

If not for a strike, the NHL would be in full swing as well along with the Winter Classic game details being finalized.


So if you are already working on your career and have a job in sports, regardless of what the job may be, you will be needed and will probably be working over the holidays.

As an example, here are some Sports Management positions and there importance during the holidays.

While there are many more choices, the most popular careers in Sports Management are:

  • Sports Agent- Never a dull moment, no holidays either.
  • General Manager- Has to make sure team is set in all aspects
  • Coach- practices, game planning, and of course the games themselves
  • Scout- Attending all of the Bowl games to scout players
  • Athletic Trainer- Lots of injuries this time of the year, have to get them back on the field
  • Equipment Manager- Has to make sure all equipment gets to where it needs to go in order to play the games

This is just an inkling of Sports Management positions, but they are all very important and the time is just not there to be celebrating during the holidays as there is much work to do.

Other opportunities in Sports Management include:

  • Journalism- Someone has to write about all of these games and what happens leading up to them
  • Marketing- Has to make sure that people know about the games, the team and all team merchandise
  • Public Relations- Making sure that everything in the media has a positive spin and to turn it around when it doesn’t
  • Sales- Ticket sales and distribution to all the games

For those working for specific sports teams or venues your schedule will always change and will include weekends, evenings and holidays.


For those of you still in school working towards your Sports Management degree, while you are probably young, want to be on your own and are tired of the typical family holiday celebrations, enjoy them now while you can because once you enter your new career, family holiday celebrations will be a thing of the past.

Life is short and while you may think that you will not miss the family getting together for the holidays, once they end, you will look back and miss the holiday get togethers.

You will miss your mothers cooking, Uncle John’s cigar smoke, Aunt Cathy drinking too much, the twins constantly bickering, and cousin Jean wanting to sing carols, off key of course.

I wish all of you the best of luck and a very happy holiday season!

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