Sports Management Career Outlook

If you have tremendous passion for sports and your interest for the game continues to shine, a career in Sports Management could be your best option for you to work in sports.

The general sports management career outlook is that sports management industry is considered to be one of the fastest growing industries in the economy.


Sports management careers are very popular these days as these careers are considered to be one of the fastest growing industries and cover a wide range of choices including:

  • Accounting
  • Business management
  • Finance
  • Public relations
  • Sports representation


Before you decide on career in Sports management, be aware that every sports manager works long hours, especially those working in professional sports.

You will be expected to attend sporting events at night and on weekends as well as extensive travel.

Of course for a true sports lover, this can be a wonderful perk more then a hindrance.


A Sports Management degree should be your first step in finding out what it takes to be successful in a sports management career. There are many colleges and universities in the United States that offer undergraduate and even masters degrees in sports management.

While studying Sports Management you will learn important skills that are very important in order to be successful in the sports management industry.

Skills you will learn include:

  • Communication
  • Critical thinking
  • Negotiation
  • People persuasion
  • Interpersonal skills

Once you are in a Sports Management degree program you need to start thinking about what aspect of sports that you would like to work in.

Companies that hire sports management professionals include:

  • Academic institutions
  • Independent sports confederations such as the PGA or MMA
  • Major league and minor league professional sports franchises
  • Sporting goods companies
  • Sports marketing and management consulting firms.


Most Sports management degree programs require candidates to serve in an internship. One good place to look for an internship opportunity would be at your schools team offices or athletic departments.


Volunteering at a local high school or athletic program is also is an excellent way to learn the ropes of sports management and show that you are committed to working in athletics with athletes.

You can probably find these opportunities advertised on:

  • Job career sites on the internet
  • Local newspapers
  • Networking sites such as LinkedIn


Once you complete your degree, most colleges and universities have a placement program which you can use to help you find a job and get your career in Sports Management started.

It would be a good idea to talk with someone in the placement office a year or two before you receive your degree in order to get the ball rolling ahead of time.


As much as everyone wants to start at the top that is usually not the case in 99.9% of all recent college graduates, unless of course you have a close relative in the business.

As with any career, you will probably have to start your Sports Management career in a low-level, unglamorous job until you can prove yourself and work your way up the ladder.

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