What To Look For In Sports Management Degree Programs

While some colleges and universities call the program “Sports Management” and others may call it “Sports Administration,” there are many schools in North America that offer degree programs that will train and develop students for a career in the sport industry.

While the programs may be similar, each individual school’s Sports Management program could have different nuisances and requirements in order to earn a degree.

Some schools offer both undergraduate and graduate Sports Management degree programs although the majority of them strictly offer undergraduate degrees.


The required curriculum of each school may vary, but they all have courses that include:

    • · Business Management
    • · Introduction to Sport Administration
    • · Principles of Management
    • · Accounting
    • · Sports Marketing
    • · Ethical Principles in Sport
    • · Economics of Sport

In addition, depending on what area of Sports Management you are thinking about venturing into, specific courses for those fields may be offered as well including:

      • · Financial Management
      • · Consumer Behavior
      • · Business Law
      • · Advertising
      • · Media Writing
      • · Public Relations
      • · Broadcast performance

Of course, general studies such as English, History, Mathematics, Literature and speech are also required curriculum.


Besides the required coursework needed to earn a Sports Management degree, most colleges and universities require that students in these programs serve an administrative internship during their senior year.

Internship requirements can be served at numerous different venues such as at a fitness center, college athletic office, local elementary, middle, or high school or college conference office.

Sometimes internships will be paid employment but the majority of the time these are unpaid except for the valuable experience you receive.

Most schools require an internship proposal to be submitted for approval first to ensure that the internship you have in mind fits the program.


Each school will have different credits that you will be expected to earn in order to receive your degree.

Each course and internship has credits assigned and once all credits have been completed, you will have earned your degree.


As in any degree program, students will be expected to keep a required grade point average (GPA) in order to earn the appropriate credits and earn your degree.

Most schools require a Core GPA of at least 2.7 and an Overall GPA of 2.5 although it may vary depending on which school you are attending.


Many colleges, universities and online schools offer Sports Management Degree programs. Sports Management Certification programs are offered as well. Here is a list from North American Society of Sports Management that includes schools that offer degrees related to Sports Management. You can also visit the online programs listed on our site, that also offer sports management degree programs.

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