Why a Sports Management Degree Program Online?

While the Movie Jerry Maguire brought Sports Agent careers into the spotlight, being a player’s agent is only one of many careers for those interested in Sports Management.

Compared to most other businesses, the sports industry is a lot bigger and offers more opportunities than most. The sports industry is bigger than the auto industry and the entertainment industry such as movies, television, and media.

Regardless of how many superstars such as Albert Pujols, Tom Brady and LeBron James that a team has, the team will not go very far without a great Sports Manager behind the scenes.

The Sports Manager is in charge of:

  • Handling All Of The Business Aspects Of A Sports Team
  • Negotiating And Signing Contracts With New Players
  • Planning And Working The Team Budget
  • Organizing Team Travel
  • Team Uniforms
  • Training Facilities
  • Sports Arena Management


In order to make sound executive decisions, it is a must that Sports Managers work intently with the team’s coaches, scouts, and trainers in order to keep the team rolling on all cylinders.

Sounds easy, right?

Not so fast!

It’s not so easy and as well as having to please the team’s owners, a Sports Manager has to please the fans too. One does not go without the other and what makes it even tougher is that every move you make is probably going to be printed in the media.


So do you think that you are up to the challenge?

If you answered yes, the first thing you need to do is to earn a college degree in Sports Management.

With a Sports Management degree, you will have career opportunities to work:

  • In Public Relations
  • As Athletic Directors
  • In Administration

There are many reasons as to why you should consider a degree in Sports Management but the biggest reason is the fact that the field of sports management is filled with many different and exciting career opportunities.


Many colleges and universities offer an associate’s or bachelor’s degree in sport management. There are also numerous schools that offer a master’s degree in sport management as well.

If your aspiration is to be a team General Manager some day, you are going to need the master’s degree eventually.

While some of you would love the opportunity but time is a big factor, there are many online degree programs from fully accredited schools that you can do in your spare time.

For more information on schools offering online degree programs in Sports Management, click here.

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