Finding a Sports Management Mentor

Regardless of what area of Sports Management you are thinking about going into, one of the most important things you can do while you are still in school or recently graduated is to find a mentor.

A mentor can teach you the ropes, gain your confidence, support your career and help you along the way.

As with any business these days, who you know seems to take precedence over what you know, so it is very important to find a good mentor, someone that his been in this business for years who knows people and can be a name dropping reference to put in a good word for you down the line.

So now the question you may be asking yourself is how do I find a good mentor?

There are numerous avenues you can take in finding a good mentor and you can build up your network in the process.


Finding an internship is not only a good way to find out what area of Sports Management you might like to pursue, it is also a possible avenue to finding a mentor.

With an internship you can further develop your professional skills under the direction of someone highly experienced who could qualify as a mentor.

All internships are different however, so some of them may or may not offer you the type of experience you need or have someone that could or is even willing to mentor you, but it is a great place to start and the experience alone is very valuable.


Even if that is not the area of Sports Management you want to go into, getting to know your schools Equipment Managers is also a good place to start.

Equipment managers deal with just about all aspects of a team including:

  • Coaches
  • Players
  • Executives
  • Sportswear companies

Even doing volunteer work for your schools equipment manager once or more per week could open up some doors for you to find someone that could be a good mentor for you and take you under their wing.


Sports Management Conferences are not only a great networking opportunity but they give the chance to “meet and greet” with people working in the highest levels of professional sports.

Conferences give you a chance to learn about numerous different careers in sports and also give you the chance to mingle with sports professionals from all over the sporting world.

Sports Management Conferences allow you to network face to face with:

  • Directors of Player Personnel
  • Executive Scouts
  • Former professional athletes
  • General Managers
  • Head coaches
  • Sports agents
  • Sports writers

Conferences give you the opportunity to meet many people from many different avenues of Sports Management and there are possible mentors everywhere.

In addition, numerous Sports Management Conferences take place during a major sporting event which not only will increase your chance to meet possible mentors and network but gives you a chance to see the event as well.

The top three Sports Management conferences are:

  • SINC
  • SMWW

You can find out more information about these conferences here.

The fact of the matter is that you just never know where you might find a good mentor and in some instances, after proving yourself with an internship or volunteer work, a good mentor may find you and offer their services.

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