Getting Ahead as a Sports Management Student

The first thing that students interested in a Sports Management career is to find a school that suits their needs best.

It is very important to seek educational institutions which will provide them with the training and support that they will need to succeed in the business of sports.

Most Universities, both online and commuting, offer both undergraduate and graduate degree programs in Sports Management. The most important part of choosing the best Sports Management degree program is to be sure that the schools as well as their programs are highly accredited.


Picking a school in a major sports region of the country such as Chicago, Boston, Los Angeles, and New York, to name a few, have the proximity that can help students land a great internship while still in school and landing that dream job after graduation.

If you intend to major in Sports Management, choosing a school with a large sports program is a must.

Division I schools are perfect for Sports Management majors because there are numerous opportunities to intern with the schools numerous different sports teams and sports organizations which can give you the much needed experience to give you an edge.


Because of the extreme competition for Sports Management jobs, a degree program that is able to provide networking and internship experience is crucial.

Most Sports Management degree programs require candidates to serve an internship which can not only give you much needed experience; it can open up job opportunities with that company once you graduate.

If you show your stuff and make a great impression during an internship it is not uncommon to be offered a position while you are still studying and have a job waiting for you after you graduate.

One good place to look for an internship opportunity would be at your schools team offices or athletic departments.


Sports Management Conferences are not only a great networking opportunity but they give the chance to “meet and greet” with people working in the highest levels of professional sports.

Conferences give you a chance to learn about multiple careers in sports and mingle with sports professionals from all over the sporting world.

Sports Management Conferences allow you to network face to face with:

  • Directors Of Player Personnel
  • Executive Scouts
  • Former Professional Athletes
  • General Managers
  • Head Coaches
  • Sports Agents
  • Sports Writers

Programs will vary in cost and the amount of financial support the institution can offer students, so you should examine this investment in terms of your budget, the amount of time you think you will spend on the degree, and how your eventual school of choice can help you financially.


There is more to sports than just the gifted athletes who play the game. There are a lot more jobs in the sports industry then just superstar athletes, so if you are not one of the rare people gifted enough to hit monstrous home runs or throw a ball 90mph, there are more jobs in the sports industry then there are actual athletes.

There are various different job opportunities for Sports Management professionals including:

  • · Athletic Academic Advisers
  • · Agent Advisors
  • · Recruiters
  • · Scouts
  • · Sales Professionals
  • · Event Coordinators
  • · Sports Journalists
  • · Coaching
  • · Public Relations Managers
  • · Fund-Raising Coordinators
  • · Compliance Directors.

However, just as with the athletes, there is constant competition for these positions with lawyers, communications majors, and business manager graduates all looking for a shot to work in the growing sports business.

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