Hope With Sports Management

Well another year is behind us and the hope of a new year has us all thinking positively about the future.

In sports and in Sports Management, there is always a good reason to think positively. Sports are a billion dollar market and one of the biggest industries in the United States.

The sports industry is continually growing from year to year and there are always opportunities to be had on every level.

Compared to most other businesses, the sports industry is a lot bigger and offers more opportunities than most. The sports industry is bigger than the auto industry and the entertainment industry such as movies, television, and media.


If you are graduating this year with your Sports Management degree, it is never too soon to begin looking at what is available and start to send out resumes in order to get your name out there.

Anyone that is interested in a career in sports management and is working towards a degree will have an extensive amount of different positions in different sports in which to apply for.

Besides the traditional American sports triumvirate of football, baseball and basketball there are many other professional sports that offer good sports management career choices including:

  • Golf
  • Tennis
  • MMA
  • Hockey
  • Surfing
  • Skiing And Snowboarding
  • Soccer, The World’s #1 Sport


With a degree in Sports Management you will be prepared for a wide range of career choices with the ability for you to focus on what area of interest drives you the most.

If you do not already know what area of Sports Management you want to go into, there are many choices including:

  • Managing And Marketing Either Professional And Collegiate Athletic Organizations
  • Managing And Marketing Resort Establishments
  • Sports Administration
  • Owning And Managing A Sport-Related Business
  • Risk Management
  • Operating Recreational Sports Programs

While some of the positions below may not be as glamorous or have the huge paycheck as an executive sports management position, they are still very important and can get you the experience you need to move up the ladder.

Positions include:

  • · Athletic Academic Advisers
  • · Agent Advisors
  • · Recruiters
  • · Scouts
  • · Sales Professionals
  • · Event Coordinators
  • · Sports Journalists
  • · Coaching
  • · Public Relations Managers
  • · Fund-Raising Coordinators
  • · Compliance Directors


Besides collegiate and professional sports, there are many different organizations in which the skills from a Sports Management degree can be used.

These include:

  • Amateur Sports such as the Olympics
  • Arenas
  • Stadiums
  • Civic Centers
  • Community Recreation Programs
  • Corporate Sponsorship and Advertising Firms
  • Military Sports Programs
  • Private Club Sports Programs
  • Sport Communications and News Media
  • Sporting Goods
  • Sport Marketing and Management
  • Social Service Sports Programs such as the YMCA


Of course the most important aspect in finding a rewarding career in sports management is to find a position suitable to your unique talents in relation with your education and most importantly, something you really enjoy doing.

While not everyone can be a top level executive with a professional sports team, there is no shortage of career opportunities in sports management for people with the drive and desire to succeed in the sports industry.

If you love every aspect of the sports world and would like a career in sports management, the opportunities are out there, you just have to go for it.

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