Sports Management Students and the Super Bowl

The Super Bowl is one of the biggest sporting events in the world as sports executives, coaches, players, office managers and everything in between will be on hand in one city for a week’s time.


There are many schools that have special programs that send the best and brightest students to the games city, this year in New Orleans, where they volunteer to work at various different Super Bowl Venues and events.

For students with their eyes on the prize, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity. The amount of experience along with the great connections and people you will meet for your network at an event of this magnitude is priceless. There are some really big companies there which will allow students to get their names out there.

These programs give students the opportunity to take part in the overall experience and it looks good on a resume when it says you were part of the biggest stage in sports.


While every schools program probably differs, volunteers due a wide variety of duties including “The NFL Experience” helping fans with interactive stations including:

  • Autograph Stage
  • Pass/Punt/Kick Events
  • Youth Clinics And Events
  • NFL Memorabilia Displays
  • Super Bowl Trophy Exhibit

Other volunteers will welcome tourists to the city and provide:

  • Game Information
  • Event Information
  • Transportation Information
  • Hospitality Information

Because of due diligence, one programs volunteers this year will spend one day working the DirecTV Celebrity Beach Bowl, and on Super Bowl Sunday they will be working with VIP hospitality from inside the Superdome.

Some programs even arrange a day to meet with a professional staff of a minor league team and tour the stadium.


First of all, you need to check with the Sports Management department at your school and check to see if they have a program. If they do not, you have a year to get one going. That would also be a nice little tidbit on your resume.

Schools vary in how they choose which students get to go and it is usually limited to between 10 and 15 students.

Some schools require as little as an application in order to be considered while others put students through a rigorous selection process that includes writing essays about their five- and 10-year career goals and how being chosen will help achieve them.

Along with the essays, submitting a resume and a professional portfolio with business cards is also required by some schools.

Then of course some schools will also put students through interview process before making their final decisions.

Regardless of the process your school requires, being chosen to go will give students a real-world learning experience as they prepare for their careers in the Sports Management industry.

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