What is Sports Management?

Sports management is a field of education concerning the sports industry which offers employment opportunities for management, marketing, and supervisory professionals on all levels.

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Top Resources for Sports Management Students

Being a Sports Management student there is always the question rolling around in your head about what to do once you actually graduate.

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How To Find a Sports Management Mentor

Regardless of what area of Sports Management you are thinking about going into, it would be a good idea to find a mentor, someone who can teach you the ropes, gain your confidence, support your career and help you along the way.

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How Being an Equipment Manager Can Open Doors

While being an Equipment Manager might not be a position that a lot of Sports Management hopefuls aspire for, it can open doors for a well paid and fulfilling career in the sports industry.

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3 Must-Attend Sport Management Conferences

Sports Management Conferences are not only a great networking opportunity but they give the chance to “meet and greet” with people working in the highest levels of professional sports.

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5 Career Challenges for Sports Management Professionals

Besides deciding what school you would like to study sports management, you have to make sure that have an end in mind. Continue reading

Career Opportunities in Sports Management

In order to become successful in sports management, a person needs to have certain skills in order to plan, direct, lead, organize, evaluate and budgeting of a sports related organization.

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6 Promising Careers For Sports Management Degree Holders

Sports management is an ever increasing field of interest and because of this, there are many colleges and universities in the United States that offer sports management degree programs.

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Online Sports Management Degree Programs

While the Movie Jerry Maguire brought Sports Agent careers into the spotlight, being a player’s agent is only one of many careers for those interested in Sports Management.


While player management is highly important to the games, you have to remember that there are Sports Managers on the other side of the spectrum as well. Regardless of how many superstars such as Albert Pujols, Tom Brady and LeBron James that a team has, the team will not go very far without a great Sports Manager behind the scenes.
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What To Look For In Sports Management Degree Programs

While some colleges and universities call the program “Sports Management” and others may call it “Sports Administration,” there are many schools in North America that offer degree programs that will train and develop students for a career in the sport industry.

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