5 Sports Management Careers You Probably Don’t Know About

When people think about a career in Sports Management they instantly think of the movie “Jerry McGuire”. Sports Agents seem to take the spotlight in the Sports Management industry, when in actuality, there are many career options to explore.

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Sports Management Offers Lucrative Career Choices

Sports is one of the world’s biggest and most lucrative industries with Sports Management continuing to be a fast growing field and besides athlete management includes financial management, athletic performance, coaching, and sports medical careers.

Talent scouts, coaches, and team administrative office staff are all included when it comes to Sports Management.

Possible Sports Management Job Titles

Sport management careers have a variety of different job titles. Program director, marketing and promotions director, corporate sales director, director of ticketing, facilities coordinator, athletic director, athletic business manager, and fitness manager are all sport management titles. Continue reading

“First and Goal” Renamed “Sports Management Blog”

We are renaming the blog here at sportsmanagementdegree.org to Sports Management Blog, to better reflect our mission, which is namely to post insightful content related specifically to the sports management industry. In the future, you will notice a shift in our approach, as we attempt to narrow our focus to our specialty. No longer will we be posting on tangentially related sports topics. Henceforth, this blog will almost exclusively feature industry news and resources.

13 Sports Management Experts Worth Knowing About

Sports management can prove a brutal career, but a rewarding one if the manager finds a niche and becomes successful in his or her specialty. This list of 13 sports management experts worth knowing is filled with individuals who focused on a specific sport and took his or her expertise to the limit. Some are professors, some are business owners, and some fill both roles in pursuit of sports management excellence. Continue reading

Top 50 Sites for Free Sports Clips and Videos

Sports management is an interesting and exciting field for those who are passionate about sports and savvy in business. You have the opportunity to work in a fast-paced environment, you can choose to work for a variety of sports facilities, or you could even work in various sports programs for a college or university. But you don’t have to work in the industry in order to have a knack for sports. These sites provide an incredible amount of sports videos and clips. For those who want to pursue a sports management degree, these can be useful for your education, or they are great videos for any sports enthusiast. You will see the performances of athletes, as well as learn valuable lessons from commentary. Continue reading

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The College Sports Administrator Hall of Fame

You might notice that there are as many women listed in this College Sports Administrator Hall of Fame as men — and, for good reason. While men notably led as college sports administrators for decades, women are beginning to make their marks as college sports directors and administrators across the country. While the focus often is on women’s college sports, their leadership often shows remarkable achievements for both genders. This list represents just a handful of talented and knowledgeable individuals who have led college sports and their teams to greatness over the years. Continue reading

Top 10 Obese Athletes Who Dominated Their Sport

When most of us think about sports, and professional athletes, “fat” is not usually a word that comes to mind. However, the truth is that some athletes are obese. They simply aren’t burning off calories at the rate they are consuming them. Sports managers and trainers may try to get some athletes in shape, but they may not be interested in losing weight. And why should they be? If a professional athlete is doing well in his or her sport, why change anything. There is no reason to lose weight if you can dominate. Here are 10 athletes who did well in their sports, in spite of being heavy:

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25 Google Chrome Extensions for Sports Fanatics

Google Chrome got off to a slow start, thanks to the lack of extensions that Firefox enjoys as a browser. But, that’s all changing, thanks to developers who are knocking their socks off to develop extensions that can satisfy any sports fanatic. We’ve gathered 25 Google Chrome extensions for sports freaks and listed them below. Continue reading

27 Essential Twitter Apps for Sports Fanatics

Twitter is quickly becoming one of the most popular places for people to find news and information, and these apps make it possible to manage information using Twitter, without the need for visiting several different sites. One of the great things about this social media site is that you can pick and choose who to “follow” based on your interests, news preferences, and hobbies. It is also very easy to organize and personalize your experience and information. Continue reading

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