Bachelors (BA / BSBA) in Sports Management

Requirements for earning a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science in Business Administration for Sports Management

A BA or BSBA in sports management is designed to be a four-year degree that prepares students for positions in sports management, business, athletic training, and more. Students will spend their first two years taking basic coursework that will include history, science, art, math, and writing. Students usually have a set number of elective courses that they can choose from as well.

Once those courses are out of the way, you will begin taking classes more geared toward your major and focus. These will include business, accounting, economics, sports management, and more. Students who take the BSBA route can expect to have more business-focused coursework in their degree plan. It is not necessarily required, but it is a good idea to participate in an internship or practicum in order to gain real-world experience that will increase employment opportunities after graduation.

Jobs for BA or BSBA in Sports Management

For students who are interested in advancement in sports management, earning a bachelor’s degree is vital. It provides students with more education, so that they can go on to qualify for a number of positions in a variety of settings.

A bachelor’s degree in sports management prepares students for careers in a wide range of fields. Some of these include working in sports management in the tourism sector, with professional organizations, college athletics, recreational or commercial facilities, and even operations, finance, and marketing.

Some careers for BA or BSBA in sports management graduates include:

  • Athletic Team Manager or Coach
  • Athletic Facility Manager
  • Sports Marketer
  • Community Sports Organization Manager
  • Sports Information Director
  • Sports Front Office Administrator
  • Sports Event Planner
  • Sports Communication Relations Director

Average Salary and Career Data

Entry-level positions in sports management generally require that students have at least a bachelor’s degree. Salaries for these positions can vary depending on not only education, but experience as well. According to, BA and BSBA graduates can expect to earn the following salaries for these positions. Please keep in mind that other factors, such as facility and location, also influence earning potential.

  • Sports Event Planner: $25, 219 – $51,067
  • Sports Front Office Administrator: $26,132 – $54,351
  • Sports Marketer: $29,372 – $52,850
  • Athletic Team Manager or Coach: $19,949 – $65,770

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