Top 25 Free iPhone Apps for Sports Fanatics

Are you a sports fanatic who has thirsted for more iPhone sports apps? You might be surprised at the number of apps that have come online over the past few months, and they all seem geared toward a person who loves any type of sports, no matter if it’s from the couch or on the field. The following list of twenty-five apps for sports fanatics holds enough variety to keep you busy for months…or years.

The following list is categorized by single-player games, sports news, sports “Tweets” and apps that you can use for personal physical fitness routines. The links, which mostly lead to the Apple Web Apps page, are listed in alphabetical order within each category. The sports range from basketball and baseball to football and equestrian sports to wrestling, but NASCAR fanatics and snowboarders also can find apps for their sports, too.

Single-Player Games

  1. Drop Point Alaska: This game drops you on a virtual mountain via helicopter to snow board down runs ranging from the simple (Kindergarten) to the most challenging. Mini-challenges include unlocking new clothes and snowboards and discovering secret places.
  2. Madden NFL 08: You are the franchise in this game that puts you on the field and inside the front office to make executive decisions. Your accomplishments throughout the game feed into the “Ring of a Champion,” a new feature that tracks your progress on a championship ring.
  3. NHL Eastside Hockey Manager 2007: This hockey management game features 20 playable leagues with more than 3,000 teams and over 45,000 players and personnel. Make trades, sign up-and-coming players, decide game-day tactics and more as you watch the play-by-play unfold.
  4. Out of the Park Baseball X: Tweak your spring lineup, try out newcomers and follow the game as you march through the season to the World Series. Negotiate contracts, peruse free agents, and formulate strategies along the way.
  5. Toca Race Driver 3: Meet Rick, a guy who guides you through your racing career as you compete in over thirty-five types of racing with 80 real-world tracks and 70 licensed vehicles. Between races, you can tune your tires, transmission, suspension and brakes or upgrade your components to improve performance.

Sports News

  1. 2010 World Equestrian Games Schedule: The World Equiestrian games consist of eight equestiran sports. The games are held once every four year, and for the first time ever, they are being held in the U.S. on 25 September — 10 October 2010 in Lexington, KY.
  2. CBS Sports Mobile: Download this free app to view stats, scores and stay on top of all the sports action all the time for pro and college sports.
  3. ESPN ScoreCenter: Another free app that provides scores from hundreds of sports leagues around the world. This updated app fixes the blank screen issue that fans have experienced after upgrading to new devices in the past.
  4. iFootball: This app was updated for the NFL 2009 season, bringing you each team and its schedule, win/loss and past score information, an easy way to get tickets as well as directions to the game, the Las Vegas Line and other information that makes this app perfect for office pools.
  5. InGameNow — MLB: Get live MLB scores, analysis, and interaction as well as scheduling, personalized setup and scores as they happen with this free app.
  6. NASCAR Central News: This site, which is focused on everything NASCAR, is updated every twelve minutes. This app also has been totally revamped with new graphics.
  7. Pool and Billiards News from Around the Globe: This newsfeed is for you if you’re a pool or billiards fanatic. The news is from around the globe.
  8. Snowmobiler’s Headline News: Why waste time with inferior snowmobile reports? Let this app search for the best sites for snowmobiles every day so they can deliver them to you.
  9. Sports Illustrated: Sports Illustrated’s free app for iPhone and iPod Touch provides sports news and topics of the day at your fingertips. Get breaking news when it happens, view stunning photography and share articles, news, scores and standings for your favorite leagues.
  10. News: If professional wrestling and mixed martial arts are your bag, then this app is for you. Get all the latest news and information in four different categories for easy reading — WWE, TNA, MMA and general.

Sports Tweets

  1. Basketball Tweets: Get the skinny on NBA teams and plays by following NBA teams, players and the media. You don’t need a Twitter account to see both sides of a Twitter conversation. You also get links to all team and player Web sites.
  2. Cycling Tweets: Keep on top of race staff and commentators in the world of pro cycling. You can find links to cyclist Web sites, get profile pictures and be in on the buzz, even without a Twitter account.
  3. Football Tweets: Follow both sides of an NFL football conversation, learn more about the teams and players and keep tabs on what’s new through this free app. Football Tweets also includes links to team and player Web sites.
  4. Hockey Tweets: You don’t need a Twitter account to follow both sides of an NHL Twitter conversation. Hockey Tweets also includes links to team and player Web sites.

Get Off the Couch Apps

  1. cityRUNNR: A simple runner’s app that helps you keep track of all your runs. Record your progress in a simple and intuitive interface.
  2. EverydayBurner: You might want this fully-specked HTML 5 Web app that supports offline storage and launching. For now, the only feature is a traditional iPhone-style stopwatch, but it has changed dramatically. Coming soon — features such as workout programs, sessions calendar/tracking, supplements suggestions and much more.
  3. Gym Technik — Mobile Fitness Tracking: Probably one of the best iPhone apps around, and it’s free. This tool allows you to log your workout stats for cardio and weight exercises as well as choose from an extensive library of workouts. You also can add your own exercises and track your workouts and graph your progress.
  4. iCalorie: Use this tool to calculate calories burned during various exercises such as running, walking, biking, swimming, yoga and palates.
  5. Pace Calc: This app was designed for bikers and runners the world over, as it converts distance and times in Kilometers or in miles.
  6. Stop Watch: This is a simple app, but a useful one for both active and spectator sports. Start the timer and mark up to nine points.

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