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Sports management is an interesting and exciting field for those who are passionate about sports and savvy in business. You have the opportunity to work in a fast-paced environment, you can choose to work for a variety of sports facilities, or you could even work in various sports programs for a college or university. But you don’t have to work in the industry in order to have a knack for sports. These sites provide an incredible amount of sports videos and clips. For those who want to pursue a sports management degree, these can be useful for your education, or they are great videos for any sports enthusiast. You will see the performances of athletes, as well as learn valuable lessons from commentary.

Networks and Cable Sites

Many network and cable web sites feature sports clips and videos. These are great places to start when it comes to finding sports media.

  1. Videos: Watch the latest news and sports clips from around the world of sports.
  2. ESPN Video: Clips from sports games, and different news casts. Interesting things to watch.
  3. FOX Sports on MSN: A look at sports clips from FOX Sports, and information on what’s happening in different leagues.
  4. NBC Sports: Cool clips, sports news videos and commentary from NBC.
  5. NFL Network: Get videos, watch sports clips, and more on the NFL Network site. Free videos.
  6. TNT Sports: Clips and videos, as well as news, related to sports and sports subjects.
  7. TBS Sports: Great videos, with a special focus on baseball — especially off season. Interesting sports clips.
  8. Wide World of Sports: ABC news has a sports site that can help you find links to videos and clips.
  9. USA Network Sports: Watch clips of sports events, and see video. Also get recaps and schedules.
  10. Tennis Channel: Great videos from the world of tennis. Also includes video from Wimbledon. A great source for tennis sports clips.
  11. Sky Sports: This British sports network offers plenty of interesting video clips from around the world. Get your fix of world sports from this web site.
  12. BBC Sport: Another British station, this network is well known for its news. Watch the sports section for great video clips and commentary.

Sports Video Sites

Information on sports videos, sports video sites, and web sites devoted watching sports clips and learning about sports.

  1. A site devoted to sports in New England, including the Patriots, Celtics, Red Sox and Bruins.
  2. College sports clips and videos. A great look at what’s going on in the world of college sports.
  3. Great clips and videos related to extreme sports. An adrenaline rush in every video you watch.
  4. Strike Football: Great videos about soccer. This is an exciting site full of action clips related to what everyone else in the world calls football.
  5. footytube: A great video site devoted to soccer.
  6. SkateLog: Watch videos and clips of inline skating and roller skating. Fun clips, as well as news and information from the world of competitive skating.
  7. The Sports Network: News and information about sports, as well as videos and clips related to sports. Interesting videos and commentary.
  8. News, information and videos related to all things sports. Read commentary and watch clips.
  9. Extreme Sports Clips: Watch amazing videos from extreme sports. Great action and excitement from all around the world of extreme sports.
  10. Find clips of baseball games, and watch videos of news and commentary, as well as the latest action. Keep up with off-season news as well.
  11. NBA TV: If basketball is your thing, this is a great site to visit. Watch video clips and interviews with athletes. Cool videos and more.
  12. Watch some sports videos and clips from around the world.
  13. Watch different video clips from MMA and UFC. A great place to watch a number of fight sports videos.
  14. MMA Fight Dump: If you are interested in mixed martial arts, this is the video site for you. It’s pretty rough and raw, though.
  15. GrindTV: All about surf, skate and similar sports. A great place to watch the latest videos.
  16. Free Sport Video Live Streaming: Get sports live streaming from this German station that helps you keep up with a variety of different sports.
  17. Card Player TV: If you are interested in the indoor sport of poker, this is the place to go. Great, exciting poker video clips.
  18. EA Sports: Watch video clips from different sports video games. A fun way to enjoy sports, and watch sports videos.

Video Sites

There are a number of video sites devoted to showing different events. With a little poking around in different categories, you can find some great sports clips.

  1. WiredCinema: Watch the sports section of WiredCinema for sports clips and videos. Find a number of great sports sites as well.
  2. YouTube Sports: Find plenty of great sports clips on YouTube. You expect to see plenty of videos on YouTube, and this doesn’t disappoint in terms of sports clips.
  3. LIVE Sports on USTREAM: Watch live sports videos on Ustream. A great place to go to get sports video.
  4. Free Sports Videos: Watch free sports videos on Veoh. A great place to go to watch great clips.
  5. Sports Videos: Get into sports video archives from A great place for those looking for sports clips.
  6. Sports Videos at Break: This category offers you the chance to watch funny sports videos.
  7. Sports: Metacafe offers some great sports clips, including some exclusive video. A great place to go if you are interested in sports videos.
  8. Sports Video: OVGuide offers some great sports videos and clips.
  9. Sports: Google Video offers you a helpful way to search thousands of sports clips.
  10. Sports & Extreme Channel: Dailymotion offers great sports video and highlights from around the web.
  11. Sport: ClipMoon offers a category related to sports. An interesting place to go for sports clips.

Training and How-To Sites

You can find some great videos on sports and training when you frequent some of the following sites.

  1. Sports and Fitness Videos: Get training on proper form when playing sports, and watch sports and fitness videos from eHow.
  2. Kudda: A video library focused on training videos for sports. Become a better athlete with help from these free videos.
  3. Sports Training Videos: Learn Out Loud offers helpful sports training videos.
  4. Sports Training: Find articles and helpful videos on sports training and how-tos.
  5. Sports Training Videos: Exercise TV offers helpful training and workout videos.
  6. Free exercise workouts that you can use.
  7. Free Workout Routines: Get these exercise routines, aimed mainly at women.
  8. PhysicalFitnet: Exercise programs and workouts for your athletic improvement.
  9. #1 Exercises Guide: offers helpful videos about exercises you can do, focusing on different muscle groups.

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