6 Promising Careers For Sports Management Degree Holders

Sports management is an ever increasing field of interest and because of this, there are many colleges and universities in the United States that offer sports management degree programs.

A degree in sports management can give you the education you need to succeed in many different sports-related careers.

Sports is a multi-billion-dollar per year industry that is constantly growing and with newly popular sports such as NASCAR and Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), new opportunities in sports management continue to open up every day.

With a degree Sports Management you will be prepared for a wide range of career choices with the ability for you to focus on what area of interest drives you the most.


  • Managing and marketing either professional and collegiate athletic organizations
  • Managing and marketing resort establishments,
  • Sports administration
  • Owning and managing a sport-related business
  • Risk management
  • Operating recreational sports programs


While being the General Manager of a professional sports team might be your dream, in order to get to that point or even be considered for a GM position you must first pay your dues so to speak and work your way up the ladder.

Most General Managers had been working in sports for many years in numerous different positions before they even got the opportunity to even interview for a GM position.

Prior Positions GM’s held:

  • College Scouting Director
  • Pro Scouting Director
  • Marketing Director
  • Development Director
  • College Athletic Director


While being a GM tops your wish list, as with most recent college grads, you will need to start your career near the bottom and work your way up. You will need to get your feet wet and gain the valuable knowledge that comes only with experience and not from a book.

While some of these positions may not be as glamorous or have the huge paycheck as an executive sports management position, they are still very important and can get you the experience you need to move up the ladder.

Positions include:

  • Athletic academic advisers
  • Agent Advisors
  • Recruiters
  • Scouts
  • Sales professionals
  • Event coordinators
  • Sports journalists
  • Coaching
  • Public relations managers
  • Fund-raising coordinators
  • Compliance directors.


Of course the most important aspect in finding a rewarding career in sports management is to find a position suitable to your unique talents in relation with your education.

While not everyone can be a top level executive with a professional sports team, there is no shortage of career opportunities in sports management for people with the drive and desire to succeed in the sports industry.


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