Sports Management Offers a Wide Range of Career Opportunities

For people with a Sports Management degree, the world is your oyster as the industry offers a wide range of career opportunities.

Careers in sports management are wide and diverse as there are many different opportunities in the sports management industry.

While not everyone can be a top level executive with a professional sports team, there is no shortage of career opportunities in sports management for people with the drive and desire to succeed in the sports industry.

Below I have listed numerous different Sports Management venues and the different positions within each category.


These are the top of the ladder jobs and people who have been working in sports for many years in numerous different positions before they got the opportunity to even interview for one of these positions.

  • Athletic Director
  • Executive Director
  • General Manager
  • Owner
  • President/Founder
  • Vice President


If you are into videos, writing, and dealing with the media then these are the positions for you.

  • Manager for Sports Web Page-Internet Site.
  • Media Relations
  • Sports Video Manager
  • Sports Video Production
  • Vice President of Sports Communications


If you are the type of person who not only loves sports but also loves to plan parties or be the one in charge of making sure everything runs without a hitch, you may want to look into one of these positions.

  • Customer Relations Manager
  • Event Coordinator
  • Executive Director of Facility Operations and Entertainment
  • Facility Manager
  • Food and Beverage Manager
  • Guest Services Manager
  • Special Events Director
  • Special Events Promotion Manager


Are you good with numbers, could sell a light bulb to someone without electricity or enjoy keeping the books straight, these may be in your calling.

  • Accounting Manager
  • Associate Athletic Director for Finance
  • Director of Corporate Sales
  • Manager of Group Sales
  • Ticket Manager
  • Manager of Group Sales
  • Vice President for Finance


If you want to negotiate contracts for professional athletes or deal with labor relations with the unions, some of these may be in your calling.

  • Assistant General Counsel
  • General Counsel
  • International Sport Lawyer
  • Properties Lawyer
  • Special Events Contract Lawyer
  • Sports Agent
  • Sports Arbitrator-Mediator
  • Vice President of Labor Relations


If you think that getting the fans involved and like setting up special promotions and your head is full of good ideas, these may be just the ticket for you.

  • Corporate Sales Manager
  • Director of Fan Development
  • Director of Marketing
  • Director of Special Events-Promotions
  • New Business Development Director
  • Tournament Operations Manager
  • Vice President of Marketing


If helping people on all levels deal with the media in a way that always leaves a positive impression of the sports franchise you work for sound like your cup of tea, these jobs are a few to strive for.

  • Corporate Communications Manager
  • Director of Community Relations
  • Director of Sports Information
  • Director of Sports Media
  • Director of Sports Publicity
  • Vice President of Public Relations


If you love sports but also love the travel business, some of these positions may just be the ones to get you off the ground and on your way.

  • Guest Relations Manager
  • Special Events Manager
  • Tournament Planning Manager
  • Travel Coordinator Manager
  • Special Events Coordinator

As you can see there is a very wide range of opportunities in Sports Management where people can search out and choose a sports career in the best area for which they are suited and give them a better chance to apply themselves to the fullest in building a successful Sports Management career.

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