Sports Management Scholarships

These days having Sports Management skills and knowledge is highly sought after and are in high demand. Someone with a Sports Management degree can make a big salary in an exciting and diverse career field.

A degree in Sports Management can lead to a number of career paths including:

  • Athletic Director
  • Event Planning
  • Facilities Management
  • Publicist
  • Sports Agent
  • Sports Finances

As with any degree program however, colleges and universities are not cheap and attending a school for four years can be highly expensive.

There are however numerous opportunities for prospective students to find great scholarships to assist them in paying for their Sports Management degree program.


There are plenty of scholarships available for prospective Sports Management students if you do the proper research. To help you out we have put together a list to get you started in your search for financial aid.

  • Careers and Colleges has some great information to help you find scholarships and finding loan providers.
  • College Scholarships has a specialized section with information for a Sports Management scholarship.
  • Fastweb is an excellent source for financial aid and scholarship information.
  • Financial Aid Finder has some great information concerning financial aid and scholarships.
  • Next Student has numerous types of different college funding to help pay for your Sports Management degree.
  • matches your profile to relevant scholarships which are available.


Private organizations and companies may also offer Sports Management scholarships or grants and a few good places to start your research include:

  • Women’s Sports Foundation offers the Dorothy Harris Endowed Scholarship to female students studying Sports Management, physical education, sport psychology, or sport sociology and has the intention to go to grad school.
  • Institute of Sports Management offers two different scholarship programs, but you have to be a member to apply.
  • Black Coaches Association gives out multiple scholarships for post-grad minority students who have been accepted into a sports administration-related field.


While they are both sources to help you with your college education, scholarships and grants do differ a little bit.

Scholarships are usually awarded to students based on:

  • High School Grades
  • Standardized Test Scores
  • Special Talents
  • Community Service

Once you have been accepted for these merits many scholarships require you to write an essay based on a question that the scholarship committee asks with the best answer winning the scholarship.

Grants on the other hand are usually based on financial need and characteristics such as sex, race, or military status.

The Federal Pell Grant is a government grant that is available to any student whose family meets the financial qualifications.

In order to get the most financial aid for college, you should apply to both grants and scholarships.

With the Sports Management scholarships and grants you receive, you just may be able to get your Sports Management degree at no cost to you.

Finding a Sports Management scholarship is not difficult if you have good grades and can prove that you have a passion for Sports Management.


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