What a Sports Management Degree Offers

Sports management is a field of education concerning the sports industry which offers employment opportunities for management, marketing, and supervisory professionals on all levels.

Groups employing sports management professionals include:

  • Academic Institutions
  • Independent Sports Confederations (Such As The PGA And MMA)
  • Independent Sports Marketing Firms
  • Major League And Minor League Professional Sports Franchises
  • Management Consulting Firms
  • Sporting Goods Companies


An undergraduate degree in sports management offers the student applications of business principles as related to the sport industry.

Students will study in a degree program with courses in accounting, economics, marketing, management and computer programs.

Sports management courses focus on the business aspects of:

  • Facility Management
  • Intercollegiate And Professional Sports
  • Sports Ethics
  • Sports Finance
  • Sports In Culture
  • Sports Information
  • Sports Law
  • Sports Marketing


There are many job titles available in Sports management. For recent graduates, some of the job titles that offer opportunity include:

  • Athletic Business Manager
  • Academic Services For Student-Athletics
  • Athletic Director
  • Compliance Director
  • Corporate Sales Director
  • Director Of Ticketing And Finance
  • Facilities Coordinator
  • Fitness Manager
  • Intramural Director Of Campus Recreation
  • Marketing And Promotions Director
  • Program Directors
  • Sporting Goods Sales


Job duties obviously vary depending on what area of the sports industry you have decided to go into along with the type of organization and the level of management you are in.

If you are thinking about a 9-5 job with nights and weekends off, then Sports management is not the business you want to be in. You can expect 50 – 60 hour work weeks including nights and weekends.

Many of the Job duties you can expect include working with:

  • Special Event Promotions And Sponsorships
  • Accounting
  • Ticketing
  • Financial Operations
  • Risk Management Plans
  • Facility And Event Management
  • Sport Broadcasting
  • Media Relations
  • Sales Of Licensed Sport Products


As the sports themselves, sports management is a highly competitive career choice and that includes the salary. Most of the jobs available require some actual experience whether it comes from an internship, a certification program or other summer job in the sports industry.

Beginning salary ranges working in:

  • Educational Institutions Range From $20,000 To $30,000
  • Minor League Professional Sports Usually Start In The Mid 20’s
  • Sporting Goods Sales Jobs Are Usually Salary Plus Commissions

On the professional level, there is always the opportunity to advance with experience.

Some other high end jobs include the following salary ranges including minor leagues:

  • General Manager – from $50,000 to $250,000 plus
  • Facilities Director – from $25,000 to $150,000 plus
  • Public Relations Director – from $35,000 to $75,000 plus
  • Director of Corporate Sales – from $30,000 to $75,000 plus
  • Community Relations Director – from $25,000 to $75,000
  • Equipment Manager – from $20,000 to $50,000
  • Marketing Director – from $30,000 to $75,000
  • Promotions Manager – from $30,000 to $75,000 plus


There are many benefits in working sport management jobs. The best benefit is the opportunity to work with people who love sports which usually provides a career that is highly enjoyable. Another great benefit is that health and wellness benefits are usually excellent in the sports industry.


The sports industry has grown dramatically in the past ten years and continues to grow.

Jobs in academic student services, marketing and promotions, sports information and athletic administration are often available due to continued growth within intercollegiate sports.

In professional sports employment opportunities are available in event management and community relations.

Other employment opportunities are available in sporting goods, arena management and as sports agents.

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