A great coach can help athletes make the jump from having a promising career to having an Olympic medal. Much time, effort, and research has been put into discovering the best ways of motivating athletes and training their bodies and minds to excel beyond previous human capability in sporting activities. Coaching isn’t just for world-class athletes, though. A middle school football team or a recreational cycling class can be great ways to build athletic prowess, and professional coaches know how to help athletes at all skill levels get the best performance from themselves and their teammates. The sites on this list are kept by highly motivated, skilled, and well-trained coaches who have decided to bring their message of fitness and training to the web.

UPDATE: There are a ton of great coaching sites online, including a few we missed out on when we made this list. Check them out in the new More Winners section.

General Coaching

Athletic coaches usually zero in on a particular sport and grow their expertise before they can get professional coaching jobs. The coaches in this category have all kinds of specialties, from helping kids learn teamwork through sports to teaching specific football plays.


  1. JBM Thinks

    JBM Thinks is a site dedicated to parenting a young athlete and character building through youth sports. Content is geared towards aiding parents and teaching them how to be a sports parent.

  2. Smart Football

    Smart Football covers topics on all types and levels of football. Content includes information on history, strategy, game planning, and general interest about the sport.

  3. Coach Parker

    Coach Parker is a site dedicated to coaching tips for youths, coach talk, and game talk. Content is all about strategy and planning to ensure team success.

  4. Sports Coaching Brain

    This site features content on being the best coach possible. Posts are all about being a successful coach and leading a strong team.

  5. Athletic Coach Education

    Brad Stoffers is a professional athletic educator who shares his wisdom on coaching and teaching new coaches and athletes via the Athletic Coach Education blog.

  6. Institute for Sport Coaching

    Institute for Sport Coaching is a resource for sport coaches and players. Posts include how-tos and helpful tips, and advice on improving coaching skills.

  7. Ask Coach Wolff

    Ask Coach Wolff is a comprehensive site which focuses on sports parenting issues. This blog is written by a recognized expert of sports psychology & sports parenting.

  8. Moms Team

    Moms Team is a trusted site for sports parents. Topics range from lifestyle advice to issues concerning youth sports.

  9. StatsDad

    StatsDad is a site specifically for the fathers of youth sports athlete. Posts are written to be funny, dramatic, and informative and are from the dad’s point of view on youth sports.

  10. Better Life Coaching Blog

    The Better Life Coaching Blog is a personal life development blog written from the perspective of a life coach. Posts teach about taking meaningful action and encouraging & inspiring others.

  11. Coach Troy Jacobson

    Coach Troy Jacobson uses this blog to post about his progress and experiences running an endurance sports coaching business. The posts are all about managing life while training multisport athletes.

  12. Brian Mac Sports Coach

    Brian Mac Sports Coach is a site written from a level four sports coach and tutor of UK athletes. This site is written on a vast variety of topics which cover mental and physical conditioning for athletes of all sports.

  13. OnTrack

    OnTrack is a coaching and consulting site full of valuable information and resources for coaches and athletes. Topics include advice and skill development as well as current events.

  14. Michael Boyle’s Strength Coach Blog

    This blog aims to be the world leader in performance enhancement resources and advice. It covers topics on both youth and adult sports and can help both coaches and athletes.

  15. Premier Sport Psychology Blog

    The Premier Sport Psychology Blog is written by the owners of a private sports phycology practice. Topics on this site focus on the mental aspects of being an athlete.

  16. Hockey Tough

    Hockey Tough is a site to help readers take their game to the next level and teaches physical and mental toughness in hockey. It focuses on how mentally and physically demanding hockey is for players and coaches.

  17. Joe Friel’s Blog

    Joe Friel’s Blog is about endurance training for serious athletes. Posts cover the science and art of training for sports and competition.

  18. Deadspin

    Deadspin is a sports orientated site which covers gossip, trends, and culture in sports. Posts are informative and entertaining and focus more on the lifestyle aspect of athletes and sports enthusiasts.

  19. PEAR Sports Blog

    PEAR Sports blog is all about bringing the latest and best science in training and sports to the general public. Information on this site is about the PEAR system, which is used by professional trainers and helps any athlete up their game.

  20. Coach Jay Johnson

    Coach Jay Johnson is a site meant to be a resource for both runners and running coaches who want advice on the sport and taking their skills to the next level. Advice on this site comes from a professional running coach with many years of experience coaching clients.

  21. Institute for Sport Coaching

    This site was developed to help nurture athletes and teach the skills needed to grow their talents. Posts are meant to be empowering, positive, and informative and are also a source of advice and resource for coaches and athletes.

  22. The Concussion Blog

    The Concussion Blog is written by a student athletic trainer who has over a decade of experience as an athlete himself and trainer. Content on this site covers safety issues as well as enhancing performance – however, most of the content is about concussions in sports.

  23. Prep Insiders

    This blog is full of insider information and expert commentary about Charlotte area high school sports. Posts are mainly focused on current events and information about the area and teams.

  24. Sports Girls Play

    Sports Girls Play is a site for girls’ sports and young lady players. Posts on the site covers resources about news, advice, and reviews of gear used in youth girl’s sports.

  25. is site dedicated to the coaches of snowboarders and boarders themselves. Posts cover skill training, technique, and general topics on teaching and snowboarding.

  26. is a site which examines the psychology behind playing sports and competing. Posts are about the mental aspects of being an athlete and how to coach one successfully with the understanding of how it effects their mind and emotions.

  27. Kyle Hunt’s Blog

    Kyle Hunt’s Blog is written by ISSA certified personal trainer Kyle Hunt who helps clients reach athletic and fitness goals. He shares his professional views on training, nutrition, motivation, and competition on this blog.

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Ball Games

Baseball, football, and soccer are the most popular team sports in the world by a long shot, and many coaches dream of working in the big leagues with national teams. There are loads of coaches that are happy working with younger players and non-professionals as well though, and learning the ins and outs of these national pastimes is a great way to have fun and stay fit.


  1. Jon Gordon Blog

    Jon Gordon is a keynote speaker and best-selling author of books which inspire readers globally – his work is also frequently discussed on talk shows. His blog features that same valuable advice on developing teams, organizations, and developing positive leaders.

  2. The Quarterback Blog

    Being a quarterback involves a high level grit and the desire to be great. This site discusses all of the fundamentals and skills needed to be a great quarterback as well as how to effectively coach one.

  3. Coach Dan Wright

    This blog is filled with coaching ideas, tips, and concepts created by Coach Dan Wright. Tips are meant to help one develop their coaching skills and understand the profession.

  4. The Ole Ball Game

    As you can guess from the nostalgic name and imagery, this blog is all about baseball, but don’t let the old-timey illustration fool you. This blogger’s baseball knowledge is as modern as it gets.

  5. Coach Gus

    Seattle based personal trainer and coach, Coach Gus, uses this site to share his thoughts for young and passionate soccer player. This blog has helpful advice specific to coaching youth soccer players.

  6. US Youth Soccer Blog

    Contributors of this blog include coaches and soccer players which have personal and professional experience coaching young players. The advice is tailored specifically for helping and leading young players.

  7. Youth Soccer Talk

    Youth Soccer Talk covers soccer leagues for anyone under 18, with notifications about tournaments, general news relevant to the sport, and a Twitter feed bringing the latest youth soccer updates.

  8. Baseball Training Secrets

    This site is for baseball enthusiasts who are extremely passionate about the sport and want to know all of the best training secrets. Posts are meant to help the player, coach, and parents of youth players to improve skills and performance.

  9. Coach Clemens

    This site is full of advice from a coaches perspective and is meant for other coaches as well as players looking for advice on improving their game. Posts include advice and tips and well as reviews on gear and books which can help improve coaching techniques.

  10. K-Bro’s Baseball Blog

    K-Bro’s Baseball Blog covers all things baseball and is written from the perspective of a player and longtime enthusiast of the sport. Posts cover current events as well as tips and advice on playing the game itself.

  11. Driveline Baseball

    Driveline Baseball is a site dedicated to the technical side of the game of baseball. Content and posts teach players all about the highly mechanical and precise skills and techniques it takes to be the ultimate player.

  12. is a basketball coaching site full of a variety of topics which cover everything about the sport. Content includes articles on skills training, practice, and coaching for both coaches and players.

  13. Hoop Skills

    Hoop Skills is a site which teaches people about developing the needed skills to become a great basketball player. It features coaching articles and videos which can help the player develop the best skills possible to play the game.

  14. Kevin Sutton Basketball

    Kevin Sutton Basketball is a site which looks into the mind of professional basketball coach Kevin Sutton. Posts include advice and insider tips on coaching, basketball, and playing the game.

  15. Basketball Coaching Notes

    The Basketball Coaching Notes site features information about the skills and techniques used to coach basketball. This basketball coaching hub can be useful for both the coaches of the sports as well as players.

  16. X’s and O’s of Basketball

    This website is dedicated to spreading the best and most accurate information about basketball and basketball coaching for coaches, players, and parents of players. Content covers techniques and commentary on games and current events in the sport.

  17. Online Basketball Drills

    Online Basketball Drills provides information for coaches of youth and high school basketball players looking to improve their skill levels. Information on this site covers drills, techniques, strategies and much more.

  18. Steve Nash Youth Basketball Coaches Blog

    This blog was made to be a useful tool for youth basketball coaches and players. Content is centered on professional philosophies, lessons, and drills with proven effectiveness.

  19. Coach Raidbard’s Blog

    Coach Raidbard’s Blog is site written by professional basketball coach, Coach Raidbard. The posts on this site feature information about the coach himself as well as his perspective on the game, coaching, and life.

  20. Coach Sark Blog

    The Coach Sark Blog is written from the insights of a football coach. Posts cover current events, commentary on games and players, as well as coaching advice from a professional.

  21. Strong Football

    Strong Football is written from the perspective of a career football coach who has the goal of creating positively and making a good impact on the people around him. He shares his experiences, message, and tips through the posts on this site.

  22. On The Pitch

    On The Pitch is written from the perspective of a soccer coach with over a decade of experience in youth sports. Information on this site is meant to help coaches as well as parents of youth soccer players who want insider information about coaching kids.

  23. World Class Coaching

    World Class Coaching is a worldwide online soccer coaching community which has been around for almost two decades. Posts are all about the most up to date and developed techniques in both training and playing youth soccer.

  24. The College Volleyball Coach

    The College Volleyball Coach is a site dedicated to NCAA coaches and players as well as players hopeful of playing on a NCAA volleyball team. Posts include information on recruiting, trends in the sport, rules & regulations, and players.

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MultiSport & Triathlon

Running, cycling, and swimming are the trio of sports included in a triathlon, and anyone who is good at all three is a triple-threat in the fitness world. All three of these sports build strength, endurance, and aerobic fitness, and a good multisport coach can teach you how to optimize your performance across all three sports.


  1. Coach OB

    Coach OB is a site written from the perspective of a lifelong athlete of many different sports. Advice on this site is meant to help any athlete overcome obstacles and reach their goals.

  2. Training 4 Cyclists

    This site offers valuable information about training and competing in sports. Topics cover nutrition, training programs, and overcoming problems.

  3. Cyclesport Coaching

    Cyclesport Coaching is a site for training information and resources for athletes and coaches of cyclists. Content covers training programs, coaching, current events, and advice.

  4. Coach Levi

    Coach Levi is a site full of free coaching advice from professional Coach Levi. Content is meant for road and mountain bikers and covers training and racing topics.

  5. EnduroFit

    EnduroFit is a site which offers advice on holistic coaching which addresses physical and mental challenges. This site features integrated coaching solutions and information.

  6. The Lead Pack Cycling Group

    The Lead Pack Cycling Group is a site focused on two things – coaching for cyclists and Christian outreach. Content on this site is about providing mentorship & support for cyclist and athletes.

  7. Coach Rob Muller

    This blog is written by a level two power based cycling coach. Content on this site covers training, competing, and lifestyle issues surrounding cycling.

  8. The Cycling Coach’s Blog

    This blog is all about indoor and outdoor cycle training and fitness. Posts teach technical skills to riders of all levels and experience.

  9. RG Active Blog

    RG Active blog is for cyclist and covers issues on coaching, training, and competition. Readers will find useful posts about current events, resources, and helpful tips.

  10. TriGuy Multisport Coaching

    This site is run by a personal multisport coach who coaches athletes of all levels of skill. Content covers gear, nutrition, training plans, and additional resources for athletes and triathletes.

  11. Mideast Multisport

    This site is run by a group of endurance coaches who specialize in coaching multiport athletes in the Mideast. Posts include resources as well as information about upcoming events and past event outcomes.

  12. Blake Becker Multisport Coaching

    Blake Becker Multisport Coaching is a site which features news, information, and advice on multisport training and coaching. Site users can find information on training and how to meet their goals.

  13. Desert Endurance Multisport Coaching

    This site teaches personalized coaching for fitness and competition of multisport athletes. Content is mainly about current events and resources to find personal training.

  14. Dynamic Training Blog

    The Dynamic Training Blog is written by a fitness and multisport coach who trains athletes on a personal level. Posts feature insider information and tricks for rising your performance and skill levels.

  15. Project 942

    Project 942 is a site for serious coaches and athletes who want to see real results from their efforts. Articles are mainly about current events in competitions as well as results from previous events.

  16. Jimmy Riccitello Coaching Blog

    This blog is written by an expert personal coach to multisport athletes of all skill levels. Posts on this site are meant to be both informative to the athlete and coach as well as inspirational.

  17. City Coach

    City Coach is a site run by professional coaches who are very active athletes themselves. Blogs are written by different coaches and cover various topics from sports nutrition to training.

  18. Dark Horse Multisport Coaching

    This site is dedicated to the training and performance of triathletes and is led by a professional coach. Posts include information about routines, nutrition, and other resources.

  19. Precision Multisport

    Precision Multisport is a site for athletes of all stages and skill levels who want to improve their performance and reach their personal goals. The site contains information and advice as well as resources for training.

  20. Advantage Multisport LLC

    Content on this site is dedicated to helping multisport athletes reach their personal goals and fulfill their dreams. The posts are all about the lifestyle of the athlete and how to enjoy training and competition.

  21. PBM Coaching

    PBM Coaching is a site made up of coaches from many specialties and sports. Posts cover training, safety, and an athlete’s lifestyle.

  22. Wilderness Athlete

    This site is all about being an athlete in the outdoors and using the wilderness to train and compete. Posts are all about adventure, training, and safety for the athlete in the wild.

  23. Marathon Matt

    Marathon Matt is a site which offers personal training advice and tips for runners. Posts come from a professional coaching perspective who has many years training and competing himself.

  24. Swim Coach Direct

    This site features up to date commentary and advice about swimming topics and current events in competition swimming. Content includes advice on techniques and information from coaches and athletes.

  25. Ultimate Stamina’s Blog

    Ultimate Stamina’s Blog provides information on the latest and most up-to-date science based instruction on achieving personal fitness and athletic goals. Posts include information on reaching different levels of performance for clients of all kinds of fitness stages and health.

  26. Energy Fitness Coaching

    Energy Fitness Coaching puts emphasis on multifaceted coaching techniques to optimize the training sessions of athletes. Posts are all about making the most of workout times and how to help clients meet their individual training and fitness goals.

  27. Coaching Endurance

    Coaching Endurance is a site owned by a cycling and running coach with many important credentials and years of experience. Posts chronicle the experiences of the coach as well as success stories of his clients who compete in high endurance competitions.

  28. Vision Quest Coaching

    Vision Quest Coaching is a site all about endurance coaching and high endurance sports/competitions. Content on this site features advice on coaching as well as tips from professional coaches for endurance athletes.

  29. Chicago Endurance Sports

    This site gives readers valuable advice and tips on coaching, training, guidance, and motivation to reach individual fitness milestones. Content on this site includes many tools for training and resources to get outside help for an additional boost in performance.

  30. Running with Eric

    Running with Eric is a site dedicated to natural born runners from all walks of life, skill levels, ages, and abilities. Posts come from a large bank of personal and professional experiences and users can find advice as well as resources and tools for success.

  31. Girls on the Run of Puget Sound

    Girls on the Run of Puget Sound is a non-profit organization with the mission of inspiring young girls with the integration of running. The posts are meant to motivate and inspire youth ladies to set important goals and reach them through self-discipline.

  32. Pose Coach Blog

    Pose Coach Blog is devoted to topics about running, pose running, barefoot running, minimal running, and general fitness topics. Posts include information about techniques as well as advice on coaching and training.

  33. Marathon Coaching Consultants

    Marathon Coaching Consultants is a local marathon coaching firm based in Arizona which offers consultation to clients and athletes. Posts are meant for runners and coaches of youth runners, college athletes, team runners, and triathlon athletes.

  34. Jennifer Burningham’s Professional Coaching Blog

    This blog is by a professional running coach of over 1,000 different athletes in all types of running and competition. Posts on this site are short blurbs about personal training and coaching services offered by Jennifer Burningham.

  35. The Science of Running

    The Science of Running is a site about the science of sports medicine, training, coaching and everything which relates to the enhancement of sports endurance coaching. Readers will find in-depth information and advice on improving their skill set and ability.

  36. Train with Marc

    Train with Marc is a site dedicated to making the most out of every moment you have to train and compete. Posts contain information on running and training in all terrains and conditions at every fitness and experience levels.

  37. Ask Coach Jenny

    Ask Coach Jenny is an advice blog which covers training tips from an endurance athlete who both coaches and trains with the techniques she recommends to others. The author is a professionally trained certified fitness trainer as well as an avid athlete with many years of experience.

  38. David

    David is a site from the mind of professional author, coach, endurance athlete, and cancer survivor David Glover. The posts in the blog are written from inspiration drawn from the many years of experience the author has as an athlete as well as his personal experiences.

  39. Mark Allen Online

    Mark Allen Online is a site all about training smart and getting the results you want as a triathlete. Content covers information for athletes of every skill level and ability.


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Wrestling, Climbing, and Gymnastics

Though they might not seem like team sports, wrestling, climbing, and gymnastic athletes can benefit from the camaraderie of teammates and coaches too. With the combination of delicate movement, strategy, and brute strength that is required to excel in any of these sports, you’d better believe a good coach is necessary to make it to the big time.


  1. Positive Climbing

    Positive Climbing is a site dedicated to all of the positive aspects of climbing. Content covers inspirational stories, advice, tips, and stories on current events for climbers and enthusiasts.

  2. Alli Rainey

    Alli Rainey is a professional climber, coach, and writer who uses this site to chronicle her adventures. Readers can learn all about the interesting life of a climber/coach and find helpful advice for their own journeys as well.

  3. Dave MacLeod – Online Climbing Coach

    Dave MacLeod is a Scottish climber and online climbing coach. This site chronicles his own personal experiences in climbing as well as offers very important tips and advice on climbing for readers.

  4. Self-Coached Climber

    This site is owned by a climber who has almost four decades experience in this sport. The posts contain insider information on the principals, tips, and tricks of professional coaching and self-teaching.

  5. Upskill Climbing

    Upskill Climbing is a site all about Australian climbing – it reveals the positive and creative side to this sport. Information on this site covers advice and tips for climbers, reviews of gear, and resources for someone who wants to start climbing.

  6. Robbie Phillips

    Robbie Phillips is world traveling climber and climbing coach who uses this site to showcase his journey in this sport. Posts include information about his experiences as well as advice on climbing and improving athletic climbing skills.

  7. Sasha Digiulian

    Sasha Digiulian is a young climber who is currently one of the best female climbers in the world. This is her official site which showcases her adventures in climbing, competition, and lifestyle.

  8. Full Twist

    Full Twist is a gymnastics site full of news, commentary, and competition results from events all over the world. Content is meant to be informative and helpful for gymnasts of all skill levels as well as enthusiasts of this sport.

  9. The Couch Gymnast

    Contributors of this blog are professional gymnasts and gymnastic coaches who want to share their knowledge and experience with readers. Content includes commentary on athletes, events, and lifestyle topics concerning the sport.

  10. Coach Krause’s NXT LVL Wrestling Academy

    Coach Krause’s NXT LVL Wrestling Academy is a site which focuses on the sport of wrestling and the wrestlers and teams themselves. Posts provide useful advice and tips on improving performance as an athlete as well as resources and information on coaching.

  11. Hitting the Mats

    Hitting the Mats is a site for people interested in wrestling news and events on the Jersey Shore. Readers will discover information about competitions in the area, results from events, and commentary on wrestlers.

  12. Mat Matters

    Mat Matters is a site full of observations and reports on wrestling in the Western Pennsylvania area. Readers will find out about individual wrestler’s standings, team ranking, and upcoming events.

  13. Lee Kemp – Olympic Wrestling Coach

    Lee Kemp – Olympic Wrestling Coach about one of the most renowned Olympic wrestlers and coaches in US history. This site features information on Lee Kemp as a well as advice and information on training and fitness from he’s many years of success.


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More Winners


  1. Sports Feel Good Stories

    Help Motivate your players with inspirational and motivational stories in order to accumulate confidence and team chemistry between your players.

  2. The Well Prepared Coach: Youth Basketball Practice Plans

    Enjoy practice plans, ideas and tips on how to better couch your youth basketball team with multiple different approaches.

  3. Coaching Whiz

    This site offers game plans for baseball, basketball, hockey, football and more. Learn how to prepare your team and use different strategies to be more effective as a coach.

Sports Equipment